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Pam Smith

email: Pam Smith
34 Price Cresc.
Mt. Wellington
Auckland. NZ.
Query :I am trying to trace further back on the Hickson side of my ancestors.

    * Thomas Hickson married Ann (?)
    * they had a daughter Sarah Anne Hickson (b.1858 Wigan)
    * Sarah may have had a brother(s) Ezra/Walter
    * Sarah Anne married Thomas Sharples (carpenter)  @ Wigan 14 Dec 1879 
    * They had 13 children of which only 6 or 7 survived their names being:
    * Annie b.1884  (my grand mother) -married John Elwell in Burnley in 1907
    * Harry b.1886 -marr Maude Dumphey  
    * Minnie b.1900 - marr ?. Alderson
    * Mary Elizabeth b.1901 - marr Grainger (1), Hall (2)
    * ? Amy
    * Lily b.1895 - marr Joseph Elwell (Brother of John)
    * Chris 13th child died aged 22.

Any information which would assist me to trace further back would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
Pam Smith

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