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The www.hicksons.org site is for all Hicksons and those researching Hicksons. If you want to have a page here, a link to your page, or a hicksons.org mail address redirected to your home account, contact: Anthony Hickson

"Who's Hickson" is an amusing poem thought to have been written by W E Hickson.

"Some early Hicksons" lists about 25 HICKSONs born between 1040 and 1665.

"HICKSONs from Domesday" shows the people thought to be direct descendants of the "father" of the family.

"Crest" gives pictures and a description of the HICKSON family Coat of Arms which have been awarded to four different members of the family of HICKSONs.

"Variations of the spelling" lists 78 different ways used over time to spell the family name HICKSON.

"Select HICKSONs by County". Here you can find most of the villages, towns, counties and indeed countries in which HICKSONs, HIXSONs, HIXONs and HIGSONs have been found. It is intended to enable people to find links between various family members, but it must be realized that people do move around. In earlier centuries they moved about a lot less than they do now and it can be useful to find all HICKSONs in a small area and then look for the links between them. These pages are under constant revision, but generally only show the heads of families, that is the person in each branch for which I have not yet been able to find a parent. It is intended, over time, to give links from each locality to the people living there. If you are interested in a particular place and there is not yet a link, please contact: Anthony Hickson

"Index of HICKSONs" is a partial database of HICKSONs. It is divided into centuries. It must be emphasized that is not complete. I have over 30,000 HICKSONs in my records and have not attempted to list many of them! An interesting experiment was to list some of these HICKSONs by first name, so you can find all the Abrahams or Alices, for example, that I know between the period 1700-1800.

There is a page for other people who are researching people with the name HICKSON and you are welcome to add your name to this page "Index of Researchers".

"The page of links" is a list of other webpages which have been found to refer to HICKSONs. There are over 200 links here. Let me know if you find one which no longer works.

There is a page listing all the surnames of people who have married into the HICKSON / HIXSON /HIXON clan.

List of proposed Hickson/Hixson/Hixon Family Gatherings.

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