Hickson Genealogy

Hicksons in Essex

These are the Heads of families only, that is, my Brick Walls. If the person for whom you are searching is not there, it may be because I already know his parentage.


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White Notley

Henry Hyckson m. Margery Amyson
married 24th January 1561/62 in White Notley
Thomas Hyckson
baptised 4 June 1564 in White Notley, Essex
reference: FHC21

Theydon Mount

Esclarimonde Hikson m. Robto Wiberde
married 27 February 1574/75 in Theydon Mount, Essex
reference: FHC4

Thome Hixon
Jana Hixon
baptised 24 May 1590 Theydon Mount, Essex
reference: FHC10

Are Esclarimonde and Thome siblings?


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Benjamin Hickson
baptised 5 July 1581 Roxwell
Elizabeth Hickson m. John Higgins
married 2nd October 1603 Roxwell
Agnes Hickson
baptised 21 September 1605, Roxwell
reference: Fhc1/3/6

Woodham Walter

Thomas Hickson m. Anis Smith
married 19th May 1589 in Woodham Walter
Samuell Hickson
baptised 6 March 1596/97 in Woodham Walter, Essex
reference: FHC19

William Hickson m. Elizabeth Edwick
married 22nd November 1688 in Woodham Walter
reference: marr11

Great Burstead and Cold Norton

Henry Hickson
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William Hickson
It needs proving that William is one of the sons of Henry
m. Frances John Hicksonne
baptised 26 August 1599 in Gt Burstead
Frances Hixen
baptised 4 April 1602 in Gt Burstead
Henry Hickson
It needs proving that Henry is one of the sons of Henry
m. Elizabeth Barnbee
married 30th May 1624 in Great Burstead
Sara Hixen
baptised 5 August 1604 in Gt Burstead
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William Hixton
baptised 20 September 1621 in Cold Norton
Katherine Hickson
baptised February 1623/24 in Cold Norton
Henry Hickson
baptised 11 July 1624 in Cold Norton
Frances Hixen
baptised 8 February 1625/26 in Great Burstead
reference: FHC24


William Hickson
Elizabeth Hickson
baptised 3 December 1617 Mistley, Essex
reference: FHC6