Hickson Genealogy

Hickson families in Macclesfield

Macclesfield is midway between Prestbury, Siddington, Congleton and Buxton

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Heads of Hickson families found in Macclesfield:

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Can anyone tell me anything about Elizabeth ANDERTON?

When did she die?

I have:

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My theory is that the two Davids are the same person and that the second Joseph is from his first marriage.

From another source I have discovered that (one) David lived at Birtles Hall Farm and that he died on 11 Feb 1885

Who was Sarah?

Is my theory correct? - having just discovered that David & Elizabeth had another son, Abraham, born in 1858, it seems that this theory has been disproved

Other surnames in these two families are:

Taylor, Lomas, Higginbotham, Gosling, Genders, Barker and Tomlinson

HICKSONs found with some connection to Macclesfield

NameApproximate year of birthReferenceComments
John Hykkessonebetween 1300-1350Macclesfield Forest Pannage 44 Edward III, 1370From Joh'e Hykkessone ijd' (2d)
Henry Hickessonbetween 1300-1350Macclesfield Judgements in Eyre, 1371Robert Gelmon on Thursday the feast of the Lord's Ascension at night feloniously broke into the house of Henry Hickesson in Stockport and intended to carry off woollen and linen from the goods of the said Henry, to the value of half a mark, but the aforesaid Henry came, so that Robert carried off nothing
Richard HykkessonBetween 1302-1352Macclesfield Pleas in Eyre, 1372From Robert Magotesson, John le Smyth, John Geppesson, Richard Hykkesson, from their chattels forfeit etc. Robert Danyers executor of the will of John Danyers knight, in a plea of debt, etc. from each 12d.
Robert Danyers executor of the will of John Danyers knight, who brought his bill against Robert Magotesson, John le Smyth, John Geppesson and Richard Hykkeson in a plea of debt, has not prosecuted etc. Therefore he and William Pygot, his pledge of prosecution, in mercy etc. And the aforesaid [Robert] Magotesson and others hence sine die etc.