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The purpose of this page is to list all known Hickson researchers.

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Carol J. Botteron

Is working on the New England branches of the family. If you are interested in these Hixon etc. branches, Carol would likely be able to help.
E-mail: Carol J. Botteron in Massachusetts

Anthony Hickson

Is working on the Hickson families of Great Britain, and has put together a database of these families. He is most interested in the Hickson spelling of the surname, and would be glad to hear about Hickson emmigrants, and to compare notes.
E-mail: Anthony Hickson in the UK

Anna Narcavage

Is searching for her ggg grandfather, Tunis HICKSON/HIXON/HIXSON and his wife Margaret. Last name unknown. Tunis was born Feb. 1818 in NJ. According to the 1850 Census for Hopewell Twp., Mercer Co., NJ, Tunis and his wife Margaret and 3 children, Winfield Scott, Sarah J., Abram were living there. Tunis was born in NJ.
E-mail: Anna Narcavage HC 64 Box 32B, Huntington Mills, PA 18622.

Michael Motes

started asking questions and expressing an interest in genealogical matters at about age 10, was seriously engaged in research by age 12 and first published at age 15. He was about 16 or 17 when he corresponded with Sir Arthur Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, about the family and still has his letters and the chart of the family which he had prepared. Genealogy has remained a passion to this day.
E-mail: Michael Motes Newgate2000@gateway.net

Laurie Kobes

"I am one of the Canadian Hickson researchers. My Mother is Florence Moss, her mother is Violet Aphrah Hickson, daughter of John Joseph. I have gone as far back as Thomas Hickson who married Ann Moore in 1825 in Gravesend, Kent."
E-mail: Laurie Kobes kobes@shaw.ca in Alberta

Frank C Turner

is searching for the location of the ancestors of Edward Spring Hickson, who lived in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada c 1837. He is married to the grand daughter of his grand daughter, Rose Constance Hickson.
E-mail: Frank Turner 1260 Victoria Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Chris Mutton

is researching the Hicksons of Whitegate, Marton & Over in Cheshire.
His direct line is: James Hickson (abt 1753, Over) -> Charles Hickson (abt 1789, Over) -> George Hickson (abt 1830, Marton) -> Mary Ellen Hickson (born 1858, Whitegate).
E-mail: Chris Mutton 27 William Street, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 7AE Web page

Christine Madsen

Her Grandmother Elizabeth Welsman HICKSON (Mrs P.J.J. DAWSON) was born in London in 1877 one of the 13 children (who grew up) of William John HICKSON & Aphrah WELSMAN. Several of this family emigrated to New Zealand and Canada. William John HICKSON (1845-1930) was the only son of James Benjamin HICKSON and Fanny BERMINGHAM who in turn was the son of Thomas HICKSON & Ann MOORE. James Benjamin was born in Chatham Kent and there are no known other siblings. Who was Thomas & which family is he part of? Thomas and Ann were married in Gravesend Kent. in 1822.
E-mail: Christine Madsen 268 Logan Road, RD2, Pukekohe 1800, New Zealand

Brian C Hickson

is researching the Hicksons of Mississippi and related Hixons of the Fort Payne, Alabama area who are descended from Jeremiah P. Hickson and Elizabeth Hickson of Tennessee. The family was from Fort Payne, Alabama. See also his son, Henry Clayton HICKSON, who was born around 1840.
E-mail: Brian C Hickson. Brian lives in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

John Higson

is researching the Higsons of Bury & Radcliffe, Gorton and Preston
E-mail: John Higson

Kenneth L. Hixon

is searching for the family of: Charles John Hixson b. 1859, IN or KY, m. Nannie Clem abt 1880, b. 1862 in Trimble County, KY. Children: Walter C b. 1881, Virgil b. 1882, Alma E. b. 1884, Mary A.(Mae) b. 1883, Percy C b. 1888, Charles R b.1893, Cecilia b. 1903, all born in Indiana.
They lived in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana from 1880 until Percy died there in 1957. Will share information.
E-mail: Kenneth L. Hixon. Ken lives at: 4067 Pirates Beach Galveston, TX 77554

Jean Scott

is researching the family of Robert Palmer Hickson, b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland in 1787; d. Stonehaven, Gloucester Co., New Brunswick 20 Feb. 1852; m. Frances Jane Parrott, b. Ireland, 1785; d. Bathurst, New Brunswick 27 Jan. 1879
E-mail: Jean Scott. Jean lives at: 1259 West Main Road, Middletown, Rhode Island, USA 02842

Connie Hixon Davis

I'm researching the branch of the Hixon family that migrated from Tennessee to Indiana. I'm a descendant of Joseph Hixon and Elizabeth Harris of Lawrence County In.
E-mail: Connie Hixon Davis

Verner "LEON" Hixon

is doing research on the Hixon's from Georgia, USA to California, USA
Email: Leon Hixon, Snail Mail: 105 Calypso Ln, Roseburg, Oregon, 97470-6606
web page, tree

John Ward

My great grandfather, Frederick Lloyd married a Sarah Hickson at St. Peter's Church, Wolverhampton (then in Staffordshire) on 20th of May 1850. Sarah was 19 and lived in Dudley Street, Wolverhampton. Dudley Street is the main shopping street in the town, so she was probably employed as a 'servant' i.e. a live-in shop assistant. She was the daughter of John Hickson and Mary Challinger/Challenger of Tettenhall, a village adjoining Wolverhampton. Her parents were married at Wolverhampton St. Peter's, the date being 29/01/1826.
Interests: relatives of John Hickson prior to 1826 and any descendant's of John and Mary.
I am an expatriot living in Tasmania.
E-mail: John Ward

Thomas W Hickson

I descended through the following:

Thomas Hix(s)on -1520-1580 Kent Co. England
  William Hixson 1545-1610 Kent Co.
    Richard Esquire Hixson 1575-1630 Kent Co. England
     John Hixson 1595-1650 Kent Co.
       William Hixson b. 1625 Kent Co.
         William Hixson  1650-1722 Cheshire-Wales
           John Hixson 1676-1736 Crosswicke-Burlington New Jersey
             Matthew Hixson 1700-1785 Hunterdon, New Jersey
               Captain Timothy Hixson 1730-1811 Hunterdon County, New Jersey
                  Samuel Hixson 1788?-1853 Loudoun County, Virginia
                    George Washington Hixson 1814-1856 Loudoun Co., Virginia
                       William Ocsar Hixson 1836-1913 Warren Co., Ohio
                         Sylvan Eugene Hixson 1861-1939 Tampico, Illinois
                           Clark Norman Hixson 1895-1942 Geneseo, Illinois
                             Jackie D. Hixson (my father) 1925-1993 Davenport, Iowa.

The spelling of the surname was changed when my father was a little boy.
Address: 1723 19th Ave. Rock Island, Illinois 61201 309-786-3724
Telephone: Home-309-786-3724
I am retired and at home most hours.
e-mail: Tom Hickson

Janet Tyson

I am researching this family tree:
John Hickson (1736-1775) married Elizabeth (1739-1802)
and begat
  Acton (1772-1840) who married Nancy Davies (1774-1817)
  who begat
    Alexander (1813-) who married Mary Kean (1808-)
    who begat
      John (1841-) who married Ann Nield (1841-1881)
      who begat
        Ephraim (1862-1931) who married Sarah Hannah Coxey (1862-)
        who begat
          Sidney Ladysmith (1900-1984) who married Hilda Violet Smith (1904-1985)
          who begat
            Audrey Hickson (living in Canada, my mother)

Any and all information embraced, and will share everything I discover!
Address: 308-640 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC, V8V 1B6, Canada
e-mail: Janet Tyson

Mike Anderson

Living in central Texas. My mother's people are Hixsons who mostly lived in Central Texas. Great-Grandfather is John Daniel Hixson.

1-John Daniel HIXSON (18 Apr 1854-10 Apr 1933)
sp-Sarah L. BLANSET (abt 18 Mar-)
. . 2-Viola HIXSON (-)
. . 2-Laura HIXSON (17 Dec 1885-14 Oct 1964)
. . 2-Boat HIXSON (2 Apr 1888-25 Aug 1969)
. . 2-Florence Amanda HIXSON (14 May 1891-28 Apr 1937)
. . 2-Bert William HIXSON (16 May 1893-12 Jan 1956)
. . sp-Lillie YOUNG (29 Nov 1899-Jul 1975)
. . . . 3-Lillian HIXSON
. . . . sp-Jimmie Ray (Jim) ANDERSON 
. . . . . . 4-Michael Wayne (Mike) ANDERSON 

e-mail: Mike Anderson

Jim R Hixon

These are his direct ancestors (compare Hickson from Domesday).

 1. William de Hustedon 1040 - 1105
 2. William de Hustedone 1065 - 1130
 3. Henry de Huchtesdona 1095 - 1150
 4. William de Huchtesdona 1120 - 1175
 5. Roger de Huchtesdona 1152 - 1205
 6. William de Huchtesdona 1175 - 1235
 7. Richard de Huchtesdona 1205 - 1262
 8. Richard de Huhtesdon 1232 - 1300
 9. William de Huyhtesdon 1254 - 1310
10. Robert de Huyhtesdon 1288 - 1345
11. William de Hixon 1310 - 1375
12. John de Hixon 1340 - 1405
13. Thomas de Hixson 1365 - 1425
14. John de Hixon 1400 - 1465
15. Richard Hixon 1425 - 1490
16. Ralph Hixon 1448 - 1505
17. Richard Hixon 1472 - 1530
18. William Hixon 1495 - 1565
19. Thomas Hixon 1520 - 1580
20. William Hixon 1545 - 1610
21. Richard Hixon 1575 - 1630
22. John Hixon 1595 - 1650
23. William Hixson 1625 - 1695
24. William Hixson 1650 - 1722, moved from Cheshire, England to New Jersey, USA
25. John Hixson 1676 -1736, New Jersey
26. Matthew Hixson 1700 -1785, New Jersey
27. Timothy Hixson 1732 - 1812, New Jersey moved to Loudoun County, VA
28. Samuel Hickson 1788- 1853, Loudoun County, VA
29. Georeg Washington Hixson, Sr. 1815 - 1859, moved to Warren County, OH
30. George Washington Hixson, Jr. 1856 - 1895, moved to Illinois
31. Herbert Crispin Hixson 1891 - 1968, died in Martinsville, Henry County, VA
32. James Roger Hixon

Address: Port Deposit, Maryland, USA
e-mail: Jim Hixon

Alice Ede

I am descended through the following:

Thomas Hickson
b.       1804
m. 30 May1822 to Ann Moore of Gravesend, Kent

James Benjamin Hickson
b. 14 Dec 1823 Chatham, Kent
m. 10 Jun 1844 to Fanny Birmingham
d.  2 Jul 1855 in Melbourne. Australia

William John Hickson
b.  2 Oct 1845 St. Geo East Middlesex
m. 28 Feb 1864 to Aphrah Welsman
d. 18 Nov 1930 at Croydon, Surrey

John Joseph Hickson, Esquire
b. 03 Apr 1873 at Stepney, Middlesex
m. 05 Sep 1896 to Bertha Hunt
d. 06 Oct 1967 at Sooke, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Ronald William Hickson
b. 29 Nov 1906 at Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
m. 13 Jun 1931 to Lillian Ethel Thomas
d. 29 Apr 1986 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Alice Bertha Hickson

e-mail: Alice Ede

Eleanor Edmondson

Researching Joseph Hixson of Frederick and Washington Counties, MD. He remained in MD until ca 1784 when he moved his family to what later became Greene Co., TN. He was married to Susannah (unknown) and they were both born in 1746 according to the 1776 MD census.

2803 Byron Ave Odessa, TX 79762, USA


Pamela Hickson

New Hampshire, USA

Of Irish descent


Fred Hixson

of Florida, USA


Benjamin T. Hixon

Researching John and Abigail Hixon of Kershaw County, SC.

John died in 1806


Lynette Baker

Grandmother Florence May Hickson born 25 Jan 1897 Sandbach, Cheshire.
Her parents William John Hickson b 04 Oct 1868 in Wybunbury, Cheshire died 18 Apr 1937 at 55 Union Street, Sandbach, Cheshire, UK.
mother Emily Morris born c1869 Morda, Shropshire died 03 Oct 1901 in Shavington, Cheshire.
Parents of William John Hickson were William Hickson 27 Sep 1840 Tattenhall - 1919 Shavington.(buried Nantwich cemetery).
mother Emma Filcock.


Alice Beatrice Hickson 1872-1962

Forgotten tales by David Holford

I am interested in the Hickson family and forebears of Richard and Mary (née Carter) of Co Kerry, specifically their first and last sons (William Carter Hickson and John Christopher Hickson who both (along with their other siblings) ended up in Australia.

I would specially like any information on the family (parents and children) before they left Ireland, since my research question is "why did they leave?"


Research in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

Some research currently being done in Pinchbeck

Reasearch for parents, year by year

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David L. Hickson
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..Frank Preston Hickson b. living
...John Milton Hickson b. date and place
....Alfred Roger Milton Hickson b. date and place
.....Joseph Ellison Hickson b. date and place
......John Antrim Hickson b. date and place
.......James Hickson b. date and place
........Henry Hicksone came to America 1650

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