Hickson Genealogy

Who's Hickson?

We've heard of Hervey, T.K.H.,
We've heard of Hepworth Dixon,
We've heard of Dilke, we've heard of Cole,
But who is Mr. Hickson?

He writes unto the 'Morning Star',
Complaining folks play tricks on
The sacred fame of Henry Cole;
But who the deuce is Hickson?

He cries for justice in the tone
Of any angry vixen,
But, right or wrong, the question is
Who is this Mr. Hickson?

We've read a rustic prophet's works,
Who bore the name of Nixon,
He wrote uncommon nonsense, too,
Is he the same as Hickson?

He testifies for Cole and Dilke,
As parties we should fix on
For all the honours in the world -
Who testifies for Hickson?

The fact that he's an awful pump,
We'll bet sixteen to six on,
Are any takers found to take
This sporting bet on Hickson?

No takers? Pitch hes letter on
The literary mixen;
There let it lie till some one comes
And tells us who is Hickson.

And nobody will feel surprise
When Nobodies feel kicks on -
The instant they presume to teach
The world; like Mr. Hickson.

Thought to have been written by William Edward Hickson (1803-1870) who owned and was editor of the Westminster Review.