Hickson Genealogy

Hickson, Hixson, Higson - fires and firemen

Fire 1631
William Hickson and Thomas Hickson of Cheshunt who by reason of sudden and lamentable fires suffered severe losses by the burning of their houses, barn and premises and were thus deprived of their livelyhood
Ephraim Hixson, Jr (1797-1855) of Tennessee. When their eldest son, Wilson, was 12 years of age, about 1830, Ephraim moved to Hamilton County. The site of their home subsequently became the town of Hixson. The original building was destroyed by fire and has been replaced by a modern home (ref John Wilson)
Fire Damp Man in Coal Mine
Peter Higson (1815-) of Blackrod, Lancashire
Fireman at Steel Works
John Higson (1830-) of Liverpool. Wife Ann
Fireman at Salt Works
John Hickson (1835-) of Over, Cheshire. Wife Charlotte. In 1861 there is another John Hickson aged 26, Fireman at Salt Works, living in Northwich
Colliery Fireman
John Higson (1835-) of Middle Hulton, Lancashire. Married Mary Ann Hebden
Railway Fireman
Eli Higson (1854-) of Lowton, Lancashire. Wife Jane J
Shotfirer (blaster) at Albert Edward Dock
John Henry Hickson (1855/1867-1938) of Lincoln. Married Elizabeth Slater
Locomotive Fireman (Railway Stoker)
Arthur Higson (1857-) of Timperley. Wife H.A.
Fire Clay Miner
William Henry Hickson (1860-) of Hopwas, Staffordshire
Fireman in 1890
Joseph Edward Hickson (1861-1926) of Hatfield & Walthamstow. Married Agnes Ann Aldridge
Fireman on trains
William George Hickson (1864-) of Forest Hill, Kent. Married Catherine Horne
killed by fire about 1893
a child of Herbert Edward Hickson and Margaret Dunn
Kiln Fireman
William Harrison Hickson (1898-1966) of Burslem, Stoke on Trent. Married Sarah Standish
Served in the Fire Service in WWII
Charles William Hickson (1900-1971) of Kingston upon Hull. Married Gertrude Bacci
Locomotive fireman
George Hickson (1900-1975) of Burton-upon-Trent. Married Maggie Lee