Hickson Genealogy

Hicksons found in Cheshire, England:

These are the Heads of families only, that is, my Brick Walls. If the person for whom you are searching is not there, it may be because I already know his parentage.

Abbotts Moss

Abbotts Moss is in Delamere Forest (near Oakmere).

Acton Bridge

Acton Bridge is between Dutton near Runcorn, Little Leigh and Weaverham.

Acton by Nantwich

Acton by Nantwich really is near Nantwich.


Allostock is situated between Lower Peover, Newhall in Northwich, Middlewich, Brereton cum Smethwick and Swettenham.


Alpraham is situated between Bunbury, Tarporley and Church Minshull.


Astbury is near Congleton and between Brereton cum Smethwick and Biddulph in Staffordshire.

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Backford is near Croughton and midway between Little Sutton and Chester.

Brereton cum Smethwick

Brereton cum Smethwick is situated midway between Middlewich, Swettenham and Astbury.


Bunbury is situated between Tarporley, Tattenhall, Chorley near Macclesfield and Acton by Nantwich


Carincham or Kermincham was a township in Swettenham parish situated between Brereton cum Smethwick and Siddington.


Cheadle is situated between Stockport, Bramhall and Kidsgrove.


Chelford is situated between Great Warford, Over Peover and Siddington.

Church Minshull

Church Minshull is situated between Middlewich, Wharton, Over, (Winsford), Little Budworth, Bunbury, Acton, Nantwich, Crewe and Monks Coppenhall.


Claughton is situated near Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula.


Congleton is situated near Astbury in Cheshire and Biddulph, Rushton Spencer and Heaton in Staffordshire.

Croughton, Cheshire

see also Croughton in Northamptonshire

Croughton is between Stoke (Stoak) and Backford.

Castle Gloverstone (Chester)

Castle Gloverstone. Gloverstone was an area between Chester Castle and the city of Chester. See A Vitual Stroll around the Walls of Chester, in particular "1505 The Great Charter granted by Henry VIII".


Davenham is situated between Leftwich (Northwich), Hartford, Whitegate, Wharton (Winsford) and Middlewich.

Dunham on the Hill

Dunham on the Hill is situated between Plemstall, Croughton Stoke (Stoak), Ince and Ashton on the east.

Dutton On Runcorn

Dutton on Runcorn or Dutton near Runcorn is situated between Little Leigh, Barnton, Weaverham (on the South East) and Frodsham, Runcorn, Norton, Appleton and Antrobus on the North West.


Eastham is on the Wirral Peninsula situated between Bromborough and Little Sutton.


Eccleston is at the centre of Backford, Plemstall, Tarvin, Tattenhall, Farndon and bounded on the west by Wales.


Farndon is on the border of Cheshire and Denbighshire (Wales), near Tattenhall and Malpas.

Hampton Heath

Hampton Heath


Idenshawe was, presumably, near Tarporley, although I haven't been able to find it on any map. There was a Baronetcy of Idenshaw created 1662 and extinct before 1708.


Ince is situated between Ellesmere Port, Stoak, Dunham on the Hill and Frodsham.

See Ince in the 18th Century by the Rev F G Slater.


Knutsford is situated between Tabley, Tatton, Mobberley, Great Warford, Lower Peover and Plumley. See also Nether Knutsford and Pickmere.

Little Budworth

Little Budworth is at the heart of Over by Middlewich, Whitegate, Oakmere, Utkinton, Tarporley. Strangely enough it is nowhere near Great Budworth.

John Hickson
A husbandman of Little Budworth and Brock Slack. 1630 Will & Inventory of personal property
A Yeoman of Little Budworth. Will & Inventory of personal property, 1665
& Ellen had 7 children, all baptised between 1682 & 1689 in Little Budworth
Of Little Budworth. Will & Inventory of personal property, 1712
Ann Hickson
Was a widow of Little Budworth. Will 1690
Margaret Hickson
Will & Inventory; Little Budworth; 1691
Radulphus Hickeson
married 1571
Ralph Hickson
A Yeoman. Married Mary. Will & Inventory or personal property. 1722
Randle Hickson
A Husbandman. Married Ellen. He made his Will in 1715
Joseph Hickson
& Alice had 3 children baptised between 1691 & 1704 in Little Budworth
Mary Hickson
married John Gregory 1711 in Little Budworth
James Hickson
& Ann had son, Thomas, baptised 1736
Richard Hickson
& Mary had daughter, Mary, baptised 1765

Little Sutton

Little Sutton is between Eastham in the north and Stoke (Stoak), Croughton and Backford in the south.

Lower Peover

Lower Peover is situated between Plumley, Witton, Newhall in Northwich and Allostock.

Nether Peover

Nether Peover was a township in Lower Peover.




Marston is situated between Great Budworth, Pickmere, Higher Wincham, Witton and Northwich.


Mobberley is situated near Knutsford. Other places fairly nearby are: Tabley and Rostherne

Mottram St Andrew

Mottram St Andrew

Monks Coppenhall

Monks Coppenhall was a township in Coppenhall parish, very near to Crewe. Until the middle of the 19th century the people who lived in Monks Coppenhall were mainly farmers. Other places nearby, where Hicksons were to be found, included Shavington, Acton by Nantwich and Church Minshull.


Neston is on the Wirral Peninsula which includes West Kirby, Claughton and Eastham.


There are two places in Cheshire called Newhall. In these records it was not made clear which it was. They are "Newhall in Northwich" (which is near to Lower Peover) and "Newhall near Nantwich" (which is nowhere near Nantwich being in the west of Cheshire, near Chester!).


Norton is midway between Warrington, Dutton near Runcorn and Frodsham.

see also Norton, Derbyshire.


Oakmere is surrounded by Whitegate, Little Budworth, Utkinton, Ashton, Frodsham, Little Leigh and Hartford


Plemstall is near Barrow and situated in the centre of Dunham on the Hill, Ashton, Tarvin and Croughton.

Prestbury, Cheshire

Prestbury is between Kidsgrove, Mobberley, Siddington and Macclesfield.


Siddington is situated between Macclesfield, Prestbury, Mottram St Andrew, Mobberley, Knutsford, Lower Peover, Swettenham and Congleton.


There are two Staplefords in Cheshire - adjacent civil parishes a little east of Chester - both too small to appear on most maps. Named Bruen Stapleford and Foulk Stapleford after their respective mediaeval landowners. Bruen Stapleford is the larger (population = 66!) and contains Stapleford Hall. The familes have links to many others of the landowning fraternity in Cheshire and thus to other nearby country houses.

Stoke (Stoak)

Stoke or Stoak is near Croughton and between Ince, Dunham on the Hill, Plemstall, Backford and Little Sutton.


Tarporley is between Utkinton, Clotton Hoofield and Bunbury.


Tarvin is in the middle of Ashton, Plemstall, Eccleston, Tattenhall and Clotton Hoofield.


Tattenhall is midway between Tarvin, Waverton, Eccleston, Farndon, Clutton, Tilston, Malpas, Spurstow, Bunbury, Tarporley and Clotton Hoofield.


Tilston is midway between Farndon and Malpas.


Utkinton is between Tarporley, Clotton Hoofield, Oakmere and Little Budworth.


Warrington is on the Cheshire / Lancashire border, situated between Norton, Appleton and Winwick.



West Kirby

West Kirby is situated on the extreme western end of the Wirral Peninsula near Hilbre Island.


Wrenbury is situated between Chorley in Macclesfield and Aston-by-Sutton.


Withington, Cheshire is situated between Siddington and Swettenham.


Wybunbury is between Hatherton, Nantwich and Shavington.