Descendants of William Hixson, Jr. and Susannah

Ephraim Hixson, Sr.

Joseph Hixson, III

Joseph Hixson, Jr. married Susannah (maiden name unknown), probably about 1763.

They had, amongst others, two sons, one called Ephraim, Sr, in 1770 (or 1778 - proof needed) and another called Joseph, III, in the same year (1770).

I have not seen any specific documentation to back this up. (There are lots of documents, but no proof)

There is a document to prove that Susannah was Joseph's wife.

Ephraim & Joseph and others signed a document as executors of William Hixson's Will.

I don't know if they were twins.

But this is where the confusion starts.

Ephraim Hixson, Sr. married Margaret

(this may be confusion with his son, Ephraim Jr's wife)

In 1833 Ephraim was elected a Justice of the Peace, an office he held for many years.

After Ephraim died in 1855, Margaret donated land for a cemetery.

Ephraim, Sr. and Margaret had 11 children, one of whom was called William, born 18th June 1804 in Greene County, died 6th December 1850 in Bledsoe Co., TN.

John Wilson ("Early Hamilton Settlers") writes that William Hixson married twice:

  1. ca 1825 Margaret Roberson, born 27th March 1808 in Greene, died 22nd November 1887 in Franklin, Williamson Co, TN.

    They had 13 children, including one called John

  2. ca 1843, William married Kesiah Sawyer who was born 16th May 1816, died 7th October 1881 in Bledsoe Co.

    With her he had a further 5 children.

    Later Kesiah married William Rogers.

Note: It is not clear whether Margaret Roberson's real name was Margaret, Elizabeth or Ester. Perhaps her nickname was Ester.

Now going back to Ephraim's brother, Joseph:

Joseph Hixson, III, was born 1770 in Virginia, died 1835 in Bledsoe Co.

He married Mary Johnson in 1790 in Greene Co. and they had 6 children, one of whom was called William, born ca 1796, possibly the eldest child.

I am told that he married Esther Roberson.

Can anyone show me any proof?

Were there two Miss Roberson's who married into this family (quite possible), was one called Margaret and the other Est(h)er?

However then main problem is who had the 13 children?

John : John Wilson says that he was born 8th January 1843 and that his full name was John Borders Hixson.

He married Lettie Graham.

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