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Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of Tennessee, USA

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Hixsons and Hixons in Bledsoe County

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  1. William Hickson (ca 1735-) died in Tennessee. His family can be traced back to Staffordshire, England in 1040.
  2. Joseph Hixson [Hix] and Susanna (1746-) are thought to be the couple who populated the state of Tennessee.
  3. William Hixon married Jane Craighill. They lived in Grainger Co. and had 5 children between 1800 & ca 1823
  4. William Hixson (ca 1777-ca 1830) married Ingabo Hughes in 1789 in Greene Co. He died in Bledsoe Co. This family can also be traced back to Staffordshire, England.
  5. Andrew Hixson married Anna Davis 16 Oct 1786, Green County
  6. William Hixon married Ingabo Hughes 8 Sept 1789, Green County
  7. Joseph Hixon married Mary Johnson 7 Dec 1790, Green County
  8. Susanna Hixon married William Davis 27 Aug 1794, Green County
  9. Tim Hixon (1798-) was born in Virginia and the family moved to Hamilton Co. Tennessee. He was recognized as a member of the Cherokee Indian Tribe
  10. William Albert Hixson (ca 1800-) born in Derby, England, married 1828 in Tennessee.
  11. James B Hixson, Jr, had a daughter, Sarah Lorene, born 1846
  12. William & Esther Hixson had a son, William, born 1833 in Wauhatchie
  13. James Hixson enlisted 1861 at Knoxville and was captured in 1862 at Camp Douglas
  14. Tim and Nancy Hickson born about 1802 and lived in Tennessee.
  15. Nancy Emeline Hixon (1810-1879) was born in Tennessee.
  16. Mrs Sarah Hickson, born 1810 in North Carolina was living in Greene Co., Tennessee in 1850 with her children
  17. William Hixon married Susan Forkner 17 Aug 1831 in Knox County
  18. Maria Hickson was born 1818 in Tennessee.
  19. O'Riley Hickson was born 1821 in Tennessee, the son of John Hickson.
  20. Andrew Jackson Hickson married Adaline Jones 1850 in Smith Co
  21. James Hixson, born 1827, died 1899, both in Greeneville, Greene County
  22. William Hickson (1828-) and his wife, Martha (1838-) were born in Tennessee.
  23. John Hixon, born 1837 in Tennessee, son of Tennessee parents, married Charity in 1869
  24. Sarah A Hixon and Thomas Jefferson, Jr, had a son, William Eli Hixon ca 1870
  25. James M Hixon married Mary Frances Turner in 1870 in Grainger Co
  26. Beulah Hickson was born ca 1847
  27. David Hixon of Tennessee, died 1947 in
  28. John Harrison Hixson, born 1842, married Nancy Elizabeth Dowlen
  29. John Daniel Hixson (1854-1933) was born in Grainger and married Sarah L Blanset in 1887
  30. Joseph Silas Hixson, born ca 1869, married Mary Jane Sims in Tennessee
  31. F Hixson of Tennessee, died in 1964
  32. John William Hickson (1874-1975) was born in Chattanooga. He married JoAnna Elmer Scarborough, 1896, in Texas
  33. Lina Hixson married Thomas Griffin 6 Nov 1895 in Knox County
  34. T P Hixson married Carrie Black June 24, 1897, Cocke Co
  35. Lillie Hickson (1878-1972) died in Davidson
  36. Anise Hixon (1882-1968) died in Hamilton
  37. Duffy Hixon (1883-1969) died in Hamilton
  38. John Hickson (1886-1963) of Tennessee
  39. Euphena Hixson (1886-1977) died in Fentress
  40. Allie Hixson (1886-1968) died in Cumberland
  41. George Hixson (1887-1966) died in Sequatchie
  42. Carl Hixson (1887-1965) died in Hixson, Hamilton
  43. Myra Daisy Hixon married Osia Kendrick Nash, 1909, in Grainger Co
  44. Dollie Hickson (1889-1980) died in Lincoln
  45. Grover Hixson (1889-1971) died in Washington
  46. George Hickson (1889-1971) died in Shelby
  47. Bessie Hixon (1889-1985) died in Hamilton
  48. Ella Hixson (1890-1991) died in Sequatchie
  49. Bell Hixson (1891-1975) died in Hamilton
  50. Cora Hixson (1892-1988) died in Sullivan
  51. Creed Hixson (1892-1967 Chattanooga
  52. Frank Hixon (1893-1975) died in Hixson, Hamilton
  53. Johnnie Hickson (1893-1969) Knoxville
  54. Fred Hixson (1893-1979) Hixson, Hamilton
  55. Dan Hixson (1893-1967) Birchwood, Hamilton
  56. Bertha Hixson (1893-1979) Dunlap, Sequatchie
  57. Hester Hixson (1894-1973) Dunlap, Sequatchie
  58. Dessie Hixson (1894-1985) Chattanooga and Red Bank, Hamilton
  59. Hortense Hixon (1894-1972) born Tennessee, died Glenview, Cook, Illinois
  60. Daisy Hixson/Hickson (1895-1931), Buried at Rocky Face Cemetery
  61. Edd Hixson (1895-1964) Tennessee, nothing else known
  62. Foster Hixson (1895-1968) Whitwell, Marion
  63. Clark Hixon (1895-1972) born Maryland, died Chattanooga
  64. Doshia Hickson (1896-1982) born Tennessee, died Griffin, Spalding, Georgia
  65. Janie Hickson (1897-1994) Knoxville
  66. Emma Hixson (1897-1994) Chattanooga
  67. Bob Hixson (1897-1975) Birchwood, Hamilton
  68. Hubert Hixson (1897-1976) Decatur, Meigs
  69. Grace Hixson (1898-1979) Dunlap, Sequatchie
  70. Hattye Hixon (1898-1989) Dayton, Rhea[1]
  71. Allie Hixson (1898-1978) Hixson, Hamilton
  72. Frank Hixson (1899-1984) Chattanooga and Red Bank, Hamilton
  73. Ann Hixson (1899-1992) Knoxville
  74. Elmer Hixson (1899-1979) Hixson, Hamilton
  75. Ed Hixson (1899-1971) Dunlap, Sequatchie
  76. Andrew Hickson (1900-1977) died in Jefferson, Arkansas
  77. George Hixson (1901-1967) Hixson, Hamilton
  78. Dewey Hixson (1901-1988) Chattanooga, Hamilton
  79. Clarice Hixson (1901-1986) Chattanooga, Hamilton
  80. Bertha Hixson (1901-1986) Carter, Tennessee
  81. Reba Hickson (1901-1977) died in Arkansas
  82. Cowart Hixson (1901-1970) Hixson, Hamilton
  83. Carl Hixson (1901-1974) died in Illinois

COCKE COUNTY, TN - VITALS - Marriages, Grooms, Apr 1894 - Sep 1897

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HIXSON, T.P. - Carrie BLACK June 24, 1897


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HIXON, Joseph   marr.  JOHNSON, Mary   on 07-DEC-1790
HIXON, Susanna  marr.  DAVIS, William  on 27-AUG-1794
HIXON, William  marr.  HUGHES, Ingabo  on 08-SEP-1789

HICKSON, Andrew   marr.  DAVIS, Anna   on 16-OCT-1786


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HICKSON, Betsy      marr.    CRAWFORD, Henry       on 10-NOV-1836
HICKSON, Ella F     marr.    GUNTERT, John J       on 31-MAR-1883
HICKSON, Robert C   marr.    SANDS, Mary           on 21-OCT-1891
HIXON, James        marr.    COFFMAN, Polly        on 26-AUG-1832
HIXON, Jane         marr.    RINEHART, John H      on 29-OCT-1866
HIXON, Robert       marr.    TROTT, Nancy          on 11-FEB-1853
HIXON, Wm           marr.    FORKNER, Susan        on 17-AUG-1831
HIXON, Wm Jr        marr.    DEVAULT, Margaret     on 23-SEP-1835
HIXSON, Cassie      marr.    MCGHEE, A W           on 20-FEB-1876
HIXSON, Lina        marr.    GRIFFIN, Thomas       on 06-NOV-1895


The Hixson Cemetery.

The John M Hixson Cemetery.


Records for Sequatchie County, Tennessee

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