Hickson Genealogy

The John M Hixson Cemetery

Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Glenda Schroeder
April 28, 2003

This Hixson cemetery is one of several Hixson Cemeteries in this area. This Hixson Cemetery is located just off of East Valley Road on John M. Hixson Cemetery Road, 3.8 miles north of US Highway 111. Since this cemetery is on private property, I am going to refrain from giving the exact location.

John M. Hixson Cemetery is about 2 acres in size with a fence around the perimeter, setting on a small hill on a farm in the Sequatchie Valley, Bledsoe County, Tennessee. There is one grave that might have been a crypt at one time but now there is a very large Tulip Poplar tree growing where it might have been with some of the stones embedded into the roots at the base and more loose stones scattered around in the grass under the tree. There are 8 graves marked with a stone or marker but they are no longer legible due to age and weather. The cemetery is very well kept and in good condition including the replacement of some of the old markers.

I have done my best to record the names and dates of the individuals that are buried in this cemetery as they appeared on their markers but mistakes can be made. I have also left out the names and dates of the individuals that appear to be still living, out of respect for these families. If there needs to be a correction or an addition of someone I might have left out, please e-mail me, (Glenda), and I will be happy to make the addition or correction. Thank you.

h/o = husband of : w/o = wife of : s/o = son of : d/o = daughter of : dm/w = double marker with