Hickson Genealogy


Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Wiltshire, England.

Name Year of birth Reference

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

Dorothie Hicson about 1591 IGI-MARR2
John Higson between 1638-1697 Stray
Thomas Hickson, Snr about 1650 #1
Thomas Hickson about 1651 IGI-FHC21
Ann Hickson about 1680 IGI-FHC2
Robert Hickson 1683 Dingle
Anne Hixon about 1701 IGI-FHC2
Peter? Higson about 1702 IGI-MARR6
Robert Hickson about 1711 IGI-Marr9a
Elizabeth Hixon about 1713 IGI-MARR3
George Hickson about 1714 IGI-LastAnc
Robert Hixson about 1719 IGI-Marr9a
Susanna Hickson about 1722 IGI-MARR10
Thomas Hickson about 1729 SW10
James Hixon about 1769 IGI-MARR5
William Hickson about 1774 IGI-MARR12
(L13) Hickson about 1779-1783 L13
Thomas Hickson about 1780 VRI
Abraham Hickson 1781 Y16
Mary Hickson about 1790 VRI
John Hickson about 1791 VRI
Thomas Hickson about 1791 VRI
James Hickson about 1792 IGI-MARR5
James Hickson ca 1792 Prison
Thomas Hickson 1804 SW5
Margaret Hickson about 1809 VRI
Mary Hickson about 1809 VRI
Robert Hickson 1817 Census
Matthew Hixon about 1821 IGI-FHC17
John Hickson 1824 Census
Robert Hickson 1825 Census
R & M Hickson about 1825 S1
Thomas Hickson between 1825-1841 London 5
William Higson 1830 Census
Frederick Hickson 1839 Census
Thomas Hickson 1839 SW22
Thomas Hickson 1840 Census
Charles George Hickson 1845 IGI-Addend6
Hickson married Margaret Taylor? about 1850-1873 SW17
John Hickson about 1856 L2
Martha Higson 1860 Census
Henry Day Hickson about 1861 SW12
Harry Higson 1867 Census
Edith Hickson about 1873 L2
Hickson about 1877 London 7
James Hickson about 1882 London 1
Ernest James Hickson ca 1884 Derby 7
Minnie Hickson 1894 Stray