Shipley, West Yorkshire

St Paul's Church

There are wide open spaces in the grounds of St Paul's Church, Shipley, Diocese of Bradford

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Tombstones in other parts of the Church Grounds

Behind the Church

In the lower churchyard most of the tombstones have been buried. There is a list of all these stones, their inscriptions and their original plots which I hope to be able to include here.

If you would like me to send you a photograph of any of the tombstones from this Churchyard please contact me.

I would be really grateful if somebody would check the accuracy of my transcriptions as I live in the South of England and it is a long way to travel to Shipley

Almost all the headstones in this cemetery have been moved, many placed around the churchyard against the boundary walls, many laid on the ground as paving stones. Some are surely missing as some inscriptions start with words such as "Also the aforesaid" indicating that somebody else from the same family was buried in the same grave before this person.

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