Hickson Genealogy

Hicksons in London, England

People called: John Hickson | Joseph Hickson in London

Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to London, England.

The various locations in London where Hicksons have been found

Century: 1600-1699 / 1700-1799 / 1800-1899 or Deptford

NameYear of birthReferenceComments

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

Thomas Hicksonest 1518Salop 1Yeoman of Shropshire, son George Citizen & Skinner of London
Florence Hicksonca 1519 Marr4Married Richard Stock in Hackney
Helen Hicksonest 1524-1602Straydied a widow in 1623/4, St Margaret, Fish Street
Christopher Hyxson1536 FHC11St Andrew Undershaft
John Hixon1537-1616StrayEastfield, Will 1636
Edmund Hicsonca 1540Marr2 married Elizabeth Alkin, 1561 in Lothbury
Johne Hicksone1540 FHC11Blackfriars
William, Mary & Alice Hickson1540-1603 London 22Siblings, William was a Citizen & Fishmonger of London
Richard Hickeson1541Fhc1Holborn
John Hicksonabout 1551London Marriages married Elizabeth Raynolds 1572 at St Leonard, Foster Lane
Robert Hexon1552FHC14Cripplegate
Margery Hycksonca 1555Marr7married Lorman Season, 1576 in Greyfriars Newgate
Grace Hycksonca 1557Marr4married John Buttermore, 1557 in Westminster
Annis Hickson1561Fhc1Baptised in Lothbury
Richard Hicksonca 1561FHC23Westminster
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1565Marr3married, 1585/6, John Brawlerde in Cornhill
George Hicksonca 1565London Marriagesmarried Agnes Litchelade 1589. Walbrook
Joan Hicksonest 1566-1644StraySt Mary le Bowe, Will 1665
John Hicksonca 1567Marr6married Johane Akerley in 1588 in St Gregory by St Paul
William Hixonest 1568-1667Strayburial 1666/7 Holborn
Richard Hicksonca 1569StrayEntry discovered in Ashbourne, Derbyshire parish register
John Hicksonest 1570-1620Stray son, John, Carpenter to ffrancis Pitman, citizen and tallowchandler of London for 7 yeares 28 Feb 1653/4.
Gualterus Hicksonca 1572Marr11married Eva Bittermye, 1592/3 in Westminster
James Hicksonca 1573Marr5married Jane Michaell, 1594 in Westminster
Richard Hicksonca 1573FHC15married Margaret Milles, 1594, in Eastcheap
Robert Hicsonca 1573Marr9amarried Elizabeth Thomas, 1594, in St Augustine Watling Street
Margaret Higsonest 1574-1653London 1673Loathbury
Robert Hicksonca 1577Fhc1daughter, Ann, baptised 1610 in Bishopsgate
Thomas Hicksonneca 1577FHC11son, John, baptised 1610 in Clerkenwell
Richard Hicksonca 1579FHC15daughter, Mary, baptised 1612 in Bishopsgate
Jane Hicksonca 1582Marr5married Thomas Boyce, 1602/3 in Clerkenwell
John Hixsonca 1582Marr6married Katheren Predy, 1603, in Cripplegate
Margaret Hicksonca 1583Marr7married William More in 1604 in Eastcheap
Margaret Hicksonca 1586FHC14married Walter Davis, 1607, Pauls Wharf
John Hicksonca 1587FHC11Greenwich
Thomas Hicksonca 1587Marr10married Anne Butler, 1608, St Bartholomew the Less
Robert Hicksonnca 1589Marr9amarried Alles Gibsonn, 1610 in St Katherine by the Tower
Thomas Hicksonca 1589FHC22married Mary, lived in Westminster
John Hicksonca 1591Fhc1married Annys, Holy Trinity the Less
Margaret Hixonca 1593Addend2married Richard Lilburne, 1612. Lived in London, Cornwall & Northumberland
Thomas Hicksonca 1593FHC20married Phelepp. Westminster
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1594FHC6married Danzell Rogers, 1615 in St Margarets, London
Susan, Walter & Eleanor Hickson1594, 1597 & 1598FHC5Siblings baptised in Westminster
Randal Higgesonest 1594-1693Strayburied 1693 Old Baly (Smithfield)
John Hicksonca 1595FHC11son, John, batised 1627/8 in St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Christopher Hicksonca 1596FHC10married Bettrise Hage, 1617 in Aldermanbury
Hester Hixonca 1596Marr4married John Burton, 1617, St Mary Mounthaw
William Higsonest 1597-1696Strayburies 1696, Chick Lane
Joyce Hixonca 1600Marr7married Edward Horne, 1621, Westminster
Thomas Hixonca 1601Marr11married Frances Norland, 1621/2 in Clerkenwell
Maria Hicksonca 1602FHC15married 20 January 1626/7 in St Martin, London
John Hicksonca 1605FHC8Holborn. Wife Katherine
William Hixonca 1605IGI LondonHolborn. Wife Mary
Maria Hicksonca 1606Fhc25married Edwardus Baytes, 1626/7, St Martin
William Hicksonca 1606FHC15Stepney. Wife Rebeckah
James Hickson1607Leicester 4Alderman James Hickson was living in London about 1680. Brewer
Alexander Hicksonca 1608FHC15Stepney.Wife Anne
Christopher Hicksonca 1610Fhc1married Katharine Addams, 1631, in Cripplegate
Philip Hicksonca 1610FHC5married Margery Richardson, 1630/1 in Stepney
John Hicksonca 1611FHC8Aldgate. Wife Margaret
Thomas Hicksonca 1615FHC9son, Henry baptised, 1648 in Southwark
Richard Hixonca 1616Marr9amarried Mary Child, 1637/8, Old Fish Street
Thomas S Hixonbefore 1617Arms/Crest Greenwich. Gentleman. Keeper of His Majesty's wardrobe. One son went to Boston, Mass
Alice Hickasonca 1617Marr1married Bazill Wilcock, 1638, Westminster
William Hicksonca 1618Marr11married Margret Suffermore, 1639 in Cripplegate
Thomas, William & Richard Hicksonca 1620Straysiblings of Holborn & Leicestershire.
Thomas Hicksonca 1620FHC21married 1640/1 in Enfield
Thomas Hicksonest 1620-1640StrayOverseer for the parish of Smithfield in 1662
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1623FHC6married George Waters, 1644 in Southwark
Samuel Hicksoneca 1623FHC19St John Zachary. Wife Sarah
William Hicksonca 1623FHC23married Sarah Odde, 1623 in Stepney
Isack Hicksonca 1624FHC19Aldgate. Wife Mary
Mary Hicksenca 1624Fhc25married 25 September 1666
Mary Hicksonca 1625Marr7London Wall. Married John Lune, 1646
Katheren Hicksonca 1626Marr2London Wall. Married Tho. Perce
Anne Hicksonca 1627Marr1married John Gayer, 1648 in St Bartholomew the Ness
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1627Marr3married William Dowse, 1647/8 in Cornhill
Rebecca Hicsonca 1627Marr9amarried John, 1648 in Abchurch
John Hicksonca 1630StrayMariner. Will 1697
Margarett Hicksonca 1632Marr7married Richard Pelton, 1653 at St Andrew by the Wardrobe
William Hicksonca 1633London 33married Ann Pearson, 1654 in Bishopsgate
Jane Hicksonca 1634Marr5married Francis Halle. Pauls Wharf
John Hicksonest 1635-1736trayTidesman
John Hicksonca 1636FHC17Cripplegate. Wife, Ann
Richard Hicksonca 1636Marr9amarried John Peal, 1657/8 in Friday Street
Henry Hixonca 1637Marr5married Charles Mutton, 1658, London Wall
John Hicksonca 1637FHC3Bishopsgate. Married Jane Noche, 1658
Mathew Hyxonca 1638FHC6Bishopsgate. Wife Elizabeth
William Hicksonca 1639FHC2Bishopsgate. Wife Ann
Edmond Hicksca 1640London 38Holborn
Anne Hicksonca 1641Marr1Married Thomas Corder, 1662, London Wall
William Hickmanca 1641London 27Holborn, wife Ann. She died 1674
Mathew Hicksonca 1642FHC15Holborn. Wife Mary
William Hicksca 1644London 29Holborn. Married Mary Preddy in 1664
John Hicksonca 1644FHC4Holborn. Wife Anne
Charles Hicksonest 1645StrayMariner. Will 1695
Mary Hicksenca 1645FHC15Married 1666 in London
Mary Hicksonca 1645Marr8married Jeremiah Bridges, 1666 in Dukes Place
Mary Hicksbefore 1646StrayHolborn. Daughter Mary died in 1666
Edwardi Hicksonca 1646FHC5Westminster. Wife Marjoriae
George Hicksca 1647London 37Holborn, Wife Isabell
John Hicksca 1647London 39Holborn, Wife Margaret
John Higsonca 1647London 1672Estsmithfeild, Wife Elizabeth
Ane Hicsonca 1647Marr1married Robert Grandage, 1667/8, Clerkenwell
John Hicsonca 1647Marr6married Jone Hathaway, 1668 in Clerkenwell
Edward Hicsonca 1648Marr2married Margery Lenare or Kenare, 1669, Clerkenwell
Thomas Hicksonca 1648FHC21married Margaret Taylor, 1669 in Enfield
Thomas Hicksonca 1648London 43Holborn, wife Margary
George Hicksonca 1649FHC8Stepney, wife Frances
Samuell Higisonest 1649-1661Strayson, James, died 1682 in Smithfield
Thomas Hickson, Snrca 1650#1Caddington, Markyate, Kent, London, Northampton & Bradford
Edward Hicksonca 1650FHC23Westminster, wife Margarett
Edward Hinckesca 1651London 30Holborn, Wife Mary. He died 1676
Richard Hixonca 1651FHC6Westminster, wife Luce
Mathew Hicsonca 1653Marr9amarried Mary Hanson, 1674 in Clerkenwell
Richard Hixonca 1653FHC21Whitechapel, wife Sarah
William Hicksonca 1653Marr11married Emme Downs, 1674 St Katherine by the Tower
Samuell Hicson1654parent1baptised 1654, St Michael Bassishaw
Edward Hincksca 1654London 40Newgate, wife Mary
John Hicksca 1654London 28Holborn, wife Elizabeth
Elioner Hicksonca 1655Marr3married George Spence, 1676, St Katherine by the Tower
William Hickmanca 1655London 25Holborn, wife Elizabeth
William Hicksonca 1656FHC10daughter, Jane baptised 1689, Aldgate
Edward Hicksonca 1658Marr2married Alice Eland, 1679, St Katherine by the Tower
George Hicksonca 1658LondonStepMariner, Wife Frances, lived in Stepney
Robert Hicksonca 1659London 31Smithfield, wife Frances
Eliz Hicksonca 1659Marr3Duke's Place. Married Richard Miles, 1680
George Hicksonca 1659Marr4married Frances Bacon, 1679/80, Duke's Place
Eliz Hicksoncq 1660Marr3married John Norris, 1680/1, St Katherine by the Tower
Thomas Hicksonca 1660FHC18Westminster. Wife Ann
Thomas Hicksonca 1660FHC2Fleet Street, wife Mary
William Hicksonca 1660Marr11married Anne Allen, 1681, St Katherine by the Tower
Rebecca Hixtonca 1661Marr9amarried Humphrey Twell, 1682, Duke's Place
Saray Hicsonca 1661Marr10married John Read, 1681/2, Clerkenwell
Richard Hicksonca 1662Marr9amarried Lewis Green, 1683, St Marylebone
Richard Hicksonca 1663FHC10Bishopsgate, wife Sarah
Thomas Hicksonca 1663FHC15Blackfriars, wife Ann
Thomas Hicksonca 1663Marr11married Catharine Seymore, 1684, Duke's Place
Thomas Hicksonca 1663Marr11married Mary Pursloe, 1683/4, St Katherine by the Tower
Richard Hicksonca 1664Marr9amarried Sarah Lupton, 1685, London Wall
Abraham Hicksonca 1665Marr1married Ellenor Sturton, 1686, Duke's Place
Margaret Hicksonca 1665Marr7married Thomas Brandereth, 1686, Duke's Place
Thomas Hicksonca 1665Marr11married Katharine Wingfield, 1686, Duke's Place
Isack Hixonca 1666Parent5Fleet Street, wife Hanah
Thomas Hicksonca 1666Marr11married Mary Jones, 1686/7, St Marylebone
William Hickersonca 1666Straymarried Judiath Balamb 1687, Cripplegate
Sarah Hicksonca 1667Straymarried Joseph Allen, 1688, Cripplegate
Thomas Hicksonca 1667Fhc21married 1687/8 at Marylebone
Richard Hixsonca 1668Straymarried Elizabeth Gibbs, 1689, Cripplegate
Sara Hicksonca 1668Marr10married Edward Tugg, 1688/9, Fleet Street
Thomas Hicksonca 1668FHC2Holborn, wife Ann
William Hicksonbefore 1670London 34East End, wife Ann
William Hicksonbefore 1670London 35Maudlins Rents, wife Anne
Anne Hicksonca 1670Marr1married Thomas Dowler, 1691, St Katherine by the Tower
Isack Hicksonca 1670FHC5Fleet Street, wife Mary
John Hicksonca 1670FHC12Cripplegate, wife Ann
Joseph Hickson ca 1670FHC15St Sepulchre, wife Debora
Mary Hicksonca 1670Marr8married William Skinner, 1690/1, St Katherine by the Tower
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1671Marr3married James Rose, 1692, Duke's Place
Hannah Hicksonca 1671Marr1married John Carpenter, 1692, Duke's Place
Thomas Hicksonca 1674FHC4Westminster, wife Anne
Anne Hicksonca 1675Marr1married Christopher Powell, 1696, Bishopsgate
Sidney Hicksonca 1675Marr10married Ann Wright, 1696, Westminster
Charles Hixtonca 1676Marr2married Anne Sadler, 1697, Holborn
Thomas Hicksonca 1676FHC15Aldgate, wife Mary
Christopher Hixonca 1677Marr2married Hannah Gappen, 1698, London Wall
Rob Hioxneca 1677FHC8Aldersgate, wife Frances
Thomas Hicksonca 1677Fhc25Aldgate, wife Mary
Christopher Hixonca 1678Marr2married Hannah Cheynell, 1699, London Wall
Mary Hicksonca 1678Marr8married William Coumbe, 1698/9, Westminster
John Hicksonca 1679FHC6Budge Row, wife Elizabeth
Abraham Hixonca 1680Marr1married Elizabeth Low, 1700/1, Hart STreet
Arthur Hickson1680FHC15Camden Town. Married Sarah Hudson, 1713 in Leeds
Thomas Hicksonca 1680FHC8Westminster, wife Priscilla
John Hickonca 1682FHC8married Margaret Anderson, 1703, Westminster
John Hixsonca 1682FHC6Holborn, wife Martha
John Hicksonca 1683FHC2Westminster, Wife Anne
Robert Hickson1683DingleCo Kerry, Ireland. Wife Barbara Trant. Some descendants went to London
William Hicksonca 1685FHC21Holborn, wife Johana
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1685 or 1785 Marr3married Robert Watts, 1706 or 1806 in Pauls Wharf or Westminster
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1686Marr3married William Middleton, 1707, Paul's Wharf
Mary Hicksonca 1686FHC15married Uriah Penn, 1707, Walford
John Hicksonca 1687FHC12Bassishaw
Sarah Hicksonca 1688FHC19married Moses Clark in 1709
John Hicksonca 1689Marr6married Sarah Mitchell, 1709/10, Aldermanbury
Robert Hicksonca 1689FHC10Aldgate, wife Mary
Mary Hixonca 1690Fhc26married 1732 in Hanover, London
Joseph Hixonca 1692 Marr7married Thomasin Banfield, 1713, Stepney
Edward & Annca 1692FHC2daughter, Ann Hixon, baptised 1725, Fleet Street
Ann Hicksonca 1693Marr1married Christopher Sanderson, 1714, Stepney
Mary Hicksonca 1693FHC15married 1713/14 in London
Mary Hicksonca 1694FHC15married James Hall, 1713/14, Bow
Abraham Hixonca 1694Marr1married Mary Stump, 1715 in Paul's Wharf
John Hicksonca 1694FHC10Coleman Street, wife Sarah
John Hicksonca 1694FHC2married Elizabeth Laurence, 1715, Westminster
Elizabeth Hicosonca 1695Parent3French Huguenot, married Isaac Heude
William Hicksonca 1695Marr12married Joan Hare, 1716 in Clerkenwell
William Hicksonca 1697FHC10married Alice Whelpdell, 1721/2, Westminster
Robert Hicksonca 1700FHC19Holborn. Wife Susannah
Joseph Hicksonca 1701FHC4Holborn, wife Alice
William Hickasonca 1701FHC6St Andrew by the Wardrobe, wife Mary
Edward Hixenca 1702Marr3married Ann Browne, 1723, Paul's Wharf
Isaac Hixsonca 1702FHC20Cornhill, Wife Sarah
John Hixsonca 1703Marr6married Alice Buckingham, 1723/4, Westminster
Christopher Hexonca 1705FHC17St Marylebone, wife Mary
Isaac Hixonca 1705Marr5married Sarah Donevall, 1726, St Christopher le Stocks
Henry Hicksonca 1706Parent5estminster, wife Mary
John Hicksonca 1707Marr6married Ann Burnett, 1728, Stepney
Matthew Hixonca 1707FHC17estminster, wife Elizabeth
Mary Hixonca 1708Marr8married Joseph Jones, 1728/9, Aldgate
Mary Hixonca 1711Marr8married Thomas Angell, 1732, St Paul's Wharf
Mary Hixonca 1711FHC16married 1732 in Hanover, London
Thomas S Hixsonca 1711Kentmarried ca 1732 in London
John Hicksonca 1712FHC6Stepney, wife Elisabeth
Mary Hicksonca 1712Marr8married Isaac Greentree, 1732/3, Old Fish Street
Mary Hicksonca 1713Marr8married Richard Lucas, 1734, Westminster
Miss Hicksonca 1714Fhc1married Robert Frampton
Matthew Hicksonca 1714FHC17born London. Moved to Lincoln, married Mary.
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1715Marr3married Thomas Mann, 1736 in Hackney
Jane Hixsonca 1716Marr5Thomas Bridgman, 1737, London Wall
John Hixonca 1716Marr6married Elizabeth Tuckbury, 1737, Stepney
Catherine Hicksonca 1717Marr2married Nicholas Page, 1738, Paddington
James Hicksonca 1718FHC2Putney, wife Elisabeth
James Hicksonca 1719FHC16Blackfriars, wife Susanna
John Hicksonca 1719FHC10Stepney, wife Elisabeth
Francis Hicksowca 1720Marr12married Mary Quantow, 1740/1, Westminster
Richard Hixonca 1720FHC19Southward, wife Sarah
John Hixonca 1721Marr6married Elizabeth Wright, 1741/2, London Wall
Mary Hixsonca 1721Marr8married William Hare, 1742, Paul's Wharf
Rebecca Hicksonca 1721Marr9amarried Richard Welton, 1742, Westminster
Charles Hixsonca 1722FHC2Holborn, wife Ann
Jane Hicksonca 1722Marr5married Harry Dashwood, 1743, Paul's Wharf
Jane Hixon or Nixonca 1723Addm1born in London
Jane Hixonca 1723Marr5married John Fessier Savigny, 1744, St Michael Le Querne
Richard Hicksonca 1724Marr9amarried Elizabeth Buckingham, 1745, Westminster
James Hicksonca 1725FHC8Putney, Wife Elisabeth
Sarah Hicksonca 1727FHC20married Robert Tucker, 1748, Westminster
Ann Hicksonca 1727Marr1married James Duncomb, married 1748, St Katherine by the Tower
Sarah Hickisonca 1727FHC20married 1748 in London
James Hicksonca 1728FHC10married Elizabeth Clark 1749 in Clerkenwell
Roger Hicksonca 1728Marr10married Sarah Andrews, 1749, Westminster
Thomas Hixsonca 1730FHC21Greenwich
Joshua Hicksonca 1730FHC2married Ann Robson, 1751, Westminster, Bassishaw, Holborn
Phillis Hicksonca 1730Marr9amarried Edward Peate, 1751 Paul's Wharf
Robert Hixonca 1731FHC19Stepney, wife Mary
Jane Hixonca 1734Marr5married Christopher Dent, 1755, Westminster
Goddard Hicksonca 1735FHC20Westminster & Devon. Wife Mary
Thomas Hicksonca 1736FHC22Aldgate, wife Martha
Sarah Owenca 1738Marr10married Philip Owen, 1759, Westminster
Benjamin Hicksonca 1739Marr2married Mary Ware, 1760, Cripplegate
Isabella Hixonca 1739Marr5married Frederick Heaton, 1760 St Mary le Bow
Sarah Hicksonest 1739-1838Straydied 1838 in St George, Hanover Square
Mary Hicksonca 1740Marr8married William Groves, 1761, Westminster
Thomas Hicksonca 1740Marr11married Mary Phillips, 1761, Westminster
William Hickson1740FHC2married Martha Bristow, 1761, Westminster
Catherine Hicksonest 1740-1839StrayShe died 1839 in West London
William Hicksonest 1740-1839StrayHe died 1839 in London
Anne Hicksonca 1743Marr1married Edward Lyth, 1764, Westminster
Henry Hicksonca 1743Marr5married Mary Killiner, 1764, Westminster
John Hicksonca 1743FHC20Westminster, wife Mary
James Hicksonca 1744FHC10Westminster, wife Eleanor
James Hixonca 1745FHC19Westminster, wife Margaret
John Hicksonca 1746FHC12Westminster, wife Marian
John Hixson1747StrayHe was buried 1825 in Stepney
Mary Hixonca 1747Marr8married William Saunders, 1768, Stepney
Richard Hixsonca 1748FHC16St Sepulchre, wife Sarah
Benjamin Hixonca 1749Marr2married Elisabeth Stillman
Edward Hicksonest 1749-1790Straya Stationer
Mr Hicksonest 1749-1790StrayHickson & Co, Sugar Refiners
Mr Hicksonest 1749-1790StrayHickson & Wise, Coopers
Thomas Hicksonest 1749-1790StrayBoot & Shoemaker
William Hicksonest 1749-1790StrayConfectioner
Henry Hicksonca 1750Parent5St Marylebone, wife Esther
Joshua Hicksonca 1750Marr7married Margaret Cheek, 1771, Stepney
Jane Hixonca 1751Marr5married John Mees, 1772, Shoreditch
William Hicksonca 1751Marr12married Mary Wilcox, 1772, Westminster
Woodford Hicksonca 1751Marr12married Mary Ann Riley, 1772, Shoreditch
James Hicksonca 1752Marr5married Margaret Bussell, 1773, Westminster
Sarah Hicksonca 1752Marr10married James Agombar, 1773, Stepney
John Hicksonca 1753Marr6married Mary Pritcherd, 1774, Westminster
John Hicksonca 1754FHC12Hanover, London, wife Elizabeth Colley
Robert Hicksonca 1754FHC23Stepney, wife Elizabeth
Sarah Hicksonca 1754Marr10married Robert Davies, 1775, Shoreditch
Walter Hicksonca 1754Marr11married Mary Squire, 1775, St Marylebone
James Hicksonca 1755Marr5married Elizabeth Oates, 1776, St Marylebone
Ann Hicksonca 1756Marr1married Isaac Leonard, 1777, Shoreditch
Ann Hixonca 1756Marr1married Samuel Glenister, 1777, Westminster
Jane Hicksonca 1756Marr5married John Child, 1777, Fleet Street
William Hicksonca 1756Marr12married Elizabeth Swift, 1777, Fleet Street
Matthew Hicksonest 1756-1900Strayof Pimlico
Edward Hicksonca 1757FHC4son, Charles, baptised 1790, Westminster
Margaret Hicksonca 1757marr7married Valentin Lee, 1778, Fleet Street
Robert Hixonca 1758FHC19Westminster, wife Elizabeth
Samuel Hicksonca 1758FHC7Westminster, wife Elizabeth
Agnes Louisa Hixonca 1761Marr1married James Collins, 1782, St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Mary Hicksonca 1761Marr8married William Rowbottom, 1782, St Marylebone
Ann Hicksonca 1762Marr1married John Hillam, 1783, Westminster
James Hixsonca 1763Marr5married Mary Bailey, 1784, Fleet Street
Richard Hicksonca 1764FHC4Holborn, wife Mary
Ann Hicksonca 1765Marr1married Michael Cook, 1786, London Wall
Harriet Hicksonca 1765Parent5St Martin Outwich, married John Hoffman
Thomas Hicksonca 1765FHC11Westminster, wife Catherine
Benjamin Hicksonca 1766FHC3Cripplegate, wife Ann
Robert Hicksonca 1766Marr10married Elizabeth Carpenter, 1787, Southwark
Thomas Hixonca 1767FHC13Blackfriars, wife Charlotte
William Hicksonca 1767HPAustral19wife Hester. Moved to Australia
George Hicksonca 1768FHC7married Elisabeth Blickenden, 1789, Shoreditch
John Hixonca 1768London 41Stepney, wife Jane
Henry Hicksonca 1769Marr5married Sarah Judd, 1790, St Marylebone
Thomas Hicksonca 1769FHC9Cripplegate, wife Susa.
Thomas Hicksonca 1770FHC3Chelsea, wife Hannah
Richard Hicksonest 1770-1830StrayHinge Maker
Mary Hicksonca 1771Marr8married John Bacon, 1792, Fleet Street
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1772Marr3married John Wild, 1793, St Marylebone
Henry Hicksonca 1774FHC18married Mary Smith, 1795, St Marylebone
Samuel Hicksonca 1775FHC24Aldgate, wife Frances
Henry Hicksonca 1776FHC8Enfield, wife Sarah
John Hicksonca 1778Addend4married Elizabeth Colley, 1778, Westminster
Henry Hicksonca 1779FHC24married Ann Calland, 1800, Cripplegate
Richard Higsonca 1780London 17Of Worsley, Manchester. Wife Ellen
Susanna Hickasonca 1780Marr10married Thomas Briggs, 1801, Shoreditch
Charlotte Hicksonca 1781FHC4married John Walsh, 1802, Shoreditch
Charlotte Hicksonca 1781FHC4married Thomas Walker, 1802, Shoreditch
Mary Hixonca 1781Marr8married James Hilton, 1802, St Michael le Querne
Sophia Hicksonca 1781Marr10married Joseph Bell, 1802, Finsbury
William Hixon1781FHC23baptised 1781 in Southward
John Hixsonca 1783FHC9Fleet Street, wife Martha Ann
Sarah Hicksonca 1783Marr10married George Robinson, 1804, Bethnal Green
Thomas Hicksonca 1784FHC24Westminster, wife Mary Ann
Thomas Hicksonca 1784FHC14Holborn, wife Sarah
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1785 or 1685Marr3married Robert Watts, 1706 or 1806 in Pauls Wharf or Westminster
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1785FHC7married in 1806 in Westminster
William Hicksonca 1785Harris 1Enfield, wife Mary
John Hickson1785Y5aof Wincham, Cheshire. Married Elizabeth Ridgeway. He died 1821. Son John was a Tea broker in London
William B Higson1786Suffolk 1born in London. Married Mary A
William Hicksonca 1786Marr12married Jane Davies, 1807, in Westminster
Charles Hicksonca 1787FHC4married Catherine Watley, 1808, Bishopsgate
Harriott Hicksonca 1787Marr4married Marcus Rochfort, 1808, St Marylebone
Samuel Hicksonca 1787FHC7St Marylebone, wife Elizabeth
Thomas Hicksonest 1787HPAustral12married Garland
had a son called John Bell Hickson.
a J B Hickson travelled on the ship 'Santipore' from London on 26th June 1850. - could this be the same person? (Ref: Sydney State Library records).
Charlotte Hixonca 1788FHC4Shoreditch. Married George Witton
George Hicksonca 1789FHC9Finsbury, wife Harriot
John Hicksonca 1789London 32Southwark, wife Martha
John Hixsonca 1789FHC5Holborn, wife Mary Ann
Mary Hicksonca 1789Marr8married William Atherton, 1810, Bishopsgate
Thomas Hixonca 1790London 23Southwark, wife Elizabeth
William Hicksonca 1790Fhc1Battersea, wife Eleanor Frances.
Did William die before 1846? Is this the same Eleanor Frances who married Benjamin Frederick Love in 1846 in Westminster?
Joseph Hickson ca 1790Essex 6Stepney/Bow, wife Amelia
George Hicksonca 1791FHC4married Mary Ann Barnes, 1813, Cripplegate
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1792Marr4married John Schnider, 1792, Cripplegate
Samuel Hicksonca 1792London 24Southwark, wife Frances
William Hickisonca 1792FHC24Westminster, wife Mary
Elizabeth Helen Hicksonca 1793Marr4married Augustus Theodore Dobson, 1814 in Surrey, London
Edward Hicksonbetween 1793 & 1832FONSDirector of the Consolidated Life Assurance Company, Cheapside
Michael Hicksonca 1794Marr9amarried Ann Gilbert, 1815, Shoreditch
Sarah Hicksonca 1794Marr10married William Howard, 1815, Westminster
William Hicksonca 1794FHC3Shoreditch, wife Caroline
Robert William Hicksonest 1794-1893Straywife Alice. He died in 1893.
Ann Hicksonca 1795Marr2married Thomas Harrold, 1816, Stepney
George Hicksonca 1795FHC14Westminster, wife Rebecca
Thomas Ellerby Hexonca 1795Marr11married Elizabeth Morton, 1816, St Pancras
Thomas Hicksonca 1795IGI LondonSt Marylebone, wife Ann Maria
Thomas Hicksonca 1795FHC22St Pancras & Clerkenwell. Wife Alice
William Hicksonca 1795FHC16Shoreditch, wife Ann
George Hicksonca 1796FHC3Cripplegate & Shoreditch. Wife Harriet
Sarah Hicksonca 1796Marr10married James Sing, 1817, Cripplegate
William Hicksonca 1796FHC3Holborn, wife Margaret Johns
John Hicksonca 1797FHC13Southwark, wife Martha
Mary Ann Hicksonca 1797Marr8married Edmund Toms, 1818, Westminster
George Hicksonca 1798FHC20Holborn, wife Sarah
Thomas Hicksonca 1798FHC21Shoreditch, wife Susannah
Thomas Hicksonca 1798FHC5Stepney, wife Helen
Elizabeth Vevers Hicksonca 1799FHC7married in 1820
George Hicksonca 1799FHC22Westminster, wife Ann
Mary Hicksonca 1799Marr8married John Mattingly, 1820, Paddington
George Hicksonca 1801FHC4married Sarah Newton, 1822, Shoreditch
Thomas Hicksonca 1801Marr11married Sarah Lang or Long, 1822, Westminster
Thomas Hicksonca 1801FHC7Chelsea, wife Sarah
William Hickson1801CensusStrayborn in Cheam, Farm Labourer, widower in 1881
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1802Marr4married Thomas Stripling, 1823, Old Jewry
Ann Hicksonca 1803Marr2married Henry Thomas Bicknell, 1824, Newgate
Mrs Amelia Hickson1803StraySt Mary's le Grand. Almswoman
Sarah Hixsonca 1803Marr10married John Atkinson, 1824, Stepney
William Hexenca 1803FHC4St Sepulchre, wife Mary
William Hicksonca 1803FHC8Camberwell, wife Mary
Henry Hicksonca 1804FHC17married Susannah Harnett, 1825 in Frindsbury, Kent
John Hicksonca 1804FHC4married Lucy Dean, 1825, St Pancras
Thomas Hickson1804SW5Baker, he married Ann Moore
Joseph Hickson ca 1805FHC10Shoreditch, wife Mary Ann
Thomas Hicksonca 1806Marr11married Alice Higgins, 1827, St Pancras
George Hicksonca 1806Marr4married Harriet Wilson, 1827, Westmminster
Mary A Higson1806Censusborn in St James, London. Son called Frederick Turner
Richard Hicksonca 1806FHC17Chelsea, wife Sarah
Edward Hicksonca 1807Marr3married Sarah Beale, 1828, Milk Street
John S Hickson1807CensusBootmaker, born in London. Moved to Norfolk. Wife Harriet
John Hicksonca 1808Marr7married Ann Skarrat, 1829, Finsbury
William Hicksonca 1808Marr12married Maria Whitehead, 1829, Westminster
Joseph Hickson1809Strayborn in Hull, Seaman, Lodger in London in 1881
James Joseph Hickson1809Harbury 1Market Gardener of Harbury. Wife Hannah Elizabeth Worral Page
Mary Hickson1810Strayborn in Enfield, 1881 was Head in Workhouse
Sophia Hicksonca 1810Paren16Finsbury, married John Gillett
William Hicksonca 1810Fhc1Battersea, wife ELizabeth
Emma Hicksonca 1811Marr4married Thomas Punt, 1732, Newgate
George Hicksonca 1811FHC5Shoreditch, wife Marianne
George Hixonca 1811FHC7Southwark/Westminster, wife Sophia
John Hicksonca 1811Marr7married Susanna Mary Mason, 1832, Westminster
William Hicksonca 1811FHC7Shoreditch, wife Maria
William Hicksonca 1811FHC24married Mary Morriss, 1832, Kennington
George Hickson1811L6born in Lincoln, wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth born in Bromley or Bloomsbury Square, London in 1841
George Hickson1813Strayborn in Spitalfields, a silk Dyer
Hariet Hicksonca 1813Marr4married George Casson, 1834, Westminster
Isaac Hicksonca 1813FHC22Hoxton, wife Maria
Thomas Hicksonca 1813FHC17Finsbury, wife Ann
William Hicksonca 1813Surrey 4Westminster, wife Amelia
Charles Hickson1814FHC4Paddington, wife Eleanor
William Hicksonca 1814Marr12married Amelia Lindsey, 1835, Newgate
Mrs Mary A Hicksonca 1814CensusLived in Bethnal Green
Catharine Clare Hicksonca 1815Marr2married Eugene Sullivan, 1836, Bishopsgate
Charles Hicksonca 1816Marr2married Mary Matilda Fancourt, 1837, Shoreditch
George Hicksonca 1816Essex 5Dyer of Poplar/Stepney
Mary Ann Hicksonca 1816Marr8married Thomas McKnight, 1837, Kennington
Sarah Hicksonca 1816Straymarried 1838 in London
Thomas Hicksonca 1816Marr11married Ann Wykes, 1837, Shoreditch
Mary Hickson1817Strayborn in Smithfield, unmarried in 1881
Mary Hixon or Smithca 1817Marr8married John Grove, 1838, Stepney
Robert Hicksonca 1817FHC19Kennington, wife Jane Elizabeth
Sarah Hicksonca 1817Marr10married Robert Brown, 1838 in Newgate
Thomas Hicksonca 1817Fhc1Battersea, wife Mary Ann
William Henry Hicksonca 1817Marr12married Jane Newman, 1838, Shoreditch
William John Hicksonca 1817FHC4Westminster, wife Sarah
Edward Hixon1819Censusborn in London. Married Jane Williamson. Lived in Boston
George Augustus Frederick Hicksonca 1819FHC20St Pancras, wife Sarah
Henrietta Mortimer Hixonca 1819Marr4married Adam Exell, 1840, Shoreditch
George Hicksonca 1820Fhc1Westminster, wife Sarah
Mary Hicksonca 1820Marr8married Edward Hoile, 1841, St Pancras
Matthew Hickson1820CensusWestminster, wife Charlotte
Samuel Hicksonca 1821FHC7St Marylebone, wife Elizabeth
Mr Hicksonca 1822London 13He was a signatory to the Bootle Town Charter.
His son was a Cotton Merchant
Jane Hicksonca 1823Marr5married Charles Talmedge, 1844, St Katherine Creechurch
Thomas Hicksonca 1823Marr11married Mary Ann Anderson or Simmons, 1844, Hoxton
William James Hixonca 1824FHC11married Jemima Smith Browning, 1845, Deptford
Eleanor Frances Hicksonca 1825Marr3married Benjamin Frederick Love, 1846, Westminster
Emma Hickson1825Strayborn in London. In Birmingham in 1851
Robert Hickson1825CensusIslington, wife Mary
William Hickson1825CensusDeptford, wife Ann
Thomas Hickson1826Fhc1Shoreditch, wife Sarah
Charles Hickson1827StrayShip's Master
Charles Hickson1827StrayWarehouseman, wife Jane
Charles Hixonca 1827FHC9Notting Hill, wife Emma
Mrs Sarah Higson1827Censusborn in Brompton, Lived in Kensington with 4 children
Mrs Sarah Hickson1827Censusborn in Stroud. Lived in Lambeth & Lewisham
Thomas Hicksonca 1827Marr11married Elizabeth Taylor, 1848, St Pancras
Emma Hicksonca 1828Marr4married James Crowder, 1849, Stepney
Lucy Hickson1828Strayborn in Ireland, Nurse in London
John G & Anne M Hicksonca 1829Straysiblings, Holborn & Islington
Charles Hixonca 1829FHC4Westminster, wife Emma
William George Hicksonca 1829Marr12married Eliza Newman, 1850, Notting Hill
William Henry Hickson1829Parent5Shoreditch, wife Jane
Thomas Hicksonest 1829SW10Bandmaster with Manchester Regiment. Wife Mary Shiel. Sons Hugh & Thomas who were born in Ireland, lived in Finchley. Son William was born in Uxbridge
James Hickson1829FHC10Married Georgina Laurimer
John Hicksonca 1830StrayPainter of St Pancras, wife Mary A
William G Hickson1830Strayborn in Ireland, Clerk in Westminster
Mr Hicksonest 1830-1865SW18Hackney family
Edward Hickson1831Strayborn in London
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1831RAH-64married Edward Claridge, 1852, St Pancras
John Godfrey Hickson1831Marr7born in Ireland. married Anne Martin, 1861, St Pancras
William Adam Hicksonca 1831Fhc1Stepney, wife Isabella Mary
Mrs Mary A Hickson1831CensusDeptford
John Hickson1832HPA8836born in London, died in Victoria, Australia
John Hicksonca 1832London 2married Mary Ann Gollop, 1853, Deptford
Thomas Hicksonca 1832Marr11married Sarah Wackett, 1853, Shoreditch
William Hickson1832CensusLouth, Lincolnshire. Wife Elizabeth. Son, William born in Westminster
William Hickson1832CensusStrayborn in St Pancras. Commercial Traveller
Abraham Hickson1833Fhc1St Pancras. Died before 1881
John Hicksonca 1834Marr7married Emma Hewitt, 1855, St Pancras
John Higson1834Straya Tailor, boirn in London. Wife Jane
Samuel Hickson1834Strayborn in Stratford-on-Avon. Convict in Pentonville prison
Thomas Hicksonca 1834Surrey 3Hammersmith
Catherine Hicksonca 1835FHC9Workhouse, Stepney
Henry Hickson1835StrayShip's Master
James Hickson ca 1835FHC4St Pancras, wife Sophia
Mary Anne Hickson1835FHC17baptised 1835 at St Benet Fink
Alfred Hickson1836Stray born in London. Journeyman
Martha Hicksonca 1836FHC7married Timothy Farwell, 1857, St Pancras
Caroline Hicksonca 1837Marr2married Charles Jackson, 1858, Stepney
Henry Hicksonca 1837FHC22Holborn, wife Sophia
Thomas B Higson1838StrayMerchant, Kensington, wife Adilla D
Frederick Hickson1839Strayborn in Leamington, living in St George..., Army pensioner, wife Jane
Walter Hickson1839FHC4Plastic Moulder of St Pancras, wife Emma
William George Hicksonca 1839FHC8Holborn, wife Lucy Ann
William Henry Hicksonca 1839Marr12married Elizabeth Woodward, 1860, Shoreditch
Thomas Hickson1839SW22Railway inspector form Luton. married Eliza Day. Sons born in Forest Hill, London
Thomas Hicksonca 1840Marr11married Eliza Webb, 1861, Deptford
"Any Bid" Hicksonabout 1840London 11He was known as "Any Bid" because he was an auctioneer. The family are Irish, from Fermoyle, Co Kerry.
Richard Hickson1841London 14born in London, wife Mary. Lived in Wlatham Holy Cross
Benjamin Hickson1842London 7House painter, born in St Pancras. Wife Susanna
John Hicksonca 1842Fhc1wife Margaret
First few children born in Clapham
Charlotte Hickson1844Strayborn in Shorn, Kent. Hospital nurse in Mile End
P Hickson1844StrayPatient in Peckham House in 1881
Mrs Alice Hickson1844CensusSt Marylebone
Thomas Hicksonca 1845Marr11married Jane Rapley, 1866, Chelsea
John? Hicksonbetween 1845 & 1858London 8Harbour Master in Liverpool. He married Annie McFadden. The family settled all over Britain.
Mrs Mary Hickson1845CensusBrompton & Paddington
Harry Hickson1846StrayBorn in Boston. Lodger in Marylebone in 1881
Mrs Matilda Hickson1846CensusSt Pancras
Charles Hickson1847StrayWife Martha. He was a Bookseller & Stationer. Died 1881
John Hicksonca 1847Marr7married Georgina Ellen WIld, 1868, Westminster
Margaret Hicksonca 1847Marr7married John Lyons, 1868, Holborn
Mr Hicksonca 1848Norfolk 1Lived in Colnbrook then London. He & his wife died ca 1925
William George Hicksonca 1848FHC9married Harriet Sarah Vaughan, 1865, St Marylebone
George William Hickson1840Censusson, A.M.D.Hickson born in London
Edmund Hickson1849Strayborn in London. Fleet paymaster, Royal Navy
George Henry Hicksonca 1849Marr4married Matilda Ellen Saunders, 1870, St Marylebone
James Hickson1850Censusof Shoreditch, married Sarah, 1870, Bethnal Green
Jane Hicksonca 1850Straymarried in 1871 in Lmabeth
Jessie Hickson1850Straymarried 1871 in Edmonton
Joseph Higsonca 1850Straymarried 1871 in Holborn
Mary Hicksonca 1850Straymarried 1871 in Marylebone
Mr Hicksonest 1850-1860Herts 1sons James & Walter. Drayton Park
Charles Hicksonbetween 1850-1863Berkshire 4of Kings Cross
Jerome Bissell Hicksonest 1850-1899KerryStraywith Hazel Fitzgerald Hickson recorded on paper things concerning the Irish Hicksons. I have not seen a copy of this work. If anyone has a copy I would be very interested to hear from them.
Edward Hickson1850Kent 10son Albert Ernest, a gas worker, lived in Kings Cross
Charles G Hickson1851London 45Carman of Paddington. Wife Fanny
Mrs Elizabeth Hickson1822Censusborn in Bristol, lived in Hackney
George Hickson1851Strayborn in Doncaster, lodger in Clapham, wife Nellie
John Higson1851Censusborn in Swinton, living in Islington, wife Alice
Sarah Hickson1851Strayborn in Battersea. Dressmaker
Charles W Hickson1852Censusborn in Islington, lived in Hackney, wife Hariett
Agnes Hicksonbetween 1852 & 1856Essex 2born either in Islington or Liverpool. Married Joseph Johnson
Anne Madeline Mary Hixsonca 1853Parent1Kensington, married Geoffrey Evan Fairfax
Emma Hickson1853Strayborn in Manchester, lodger in Wandsworth in 1881
George Hickson1853CensusLighterman, wife Annie. Aldgate & Spitalfields
Lucy Hickson1854Censusborn in Homerton
Henry Hickson1855CensusWife Fanny. Lived in Bow
William H Hickson1855StrayOccupation 1881: M A Curate
William Hickson1855CensusDeptford. Wife Rachael
Lydia Hixson1856Strayborn in London
Marion Hickson1856StrayLived in Lanbeth
Bob Hicksonest 1856-1889SW9born in Birmingham, lived in High[gate], died ca 1930
Alice J Hickson1857Strayborn in Lambeth
John Hickson1857Strayborn in Ireland. Police Constable in Paddington
Walter Hickson1857CensusShoreditch. Wife Ellen
James William Hicksonbefore 1858HPAustrali2born in London, married, 1876, Ellen Alexander in Victoria, Australia
Mr Hicksonca 1858London 18Pimlico, Belgrave
James Hickson1858Strayborn in Ireland. Police Constable in Poplar
Annie Hicksonca 1859marriagesmarried 1880 in London
Henry Hicksonca 1859Essex 7Poplar, married Fanny Burrell
Willie Hickson1860Wales 8born in London, Paddington. married Naomi
Elizabeth Hickson1861Censusborn in Hampstead. Lived in Poplar
Joseph Hicksonca 1861Berkshire 5in the Printing Trade in the City of London. He died in the 1930s.
William J Hickson1861StrayLodger in Battersea in 1881
Alfred Hickson1862Strayborn in St Pancras
James Walter Hicksonca 1862SayerCaptain in RASC, wife Mary? - Lewisham or Woolwich
William Hicksonca 1862CensusBethnal Green, wife Sarah
Mrs Emmy Hicksonca 1870London 6Bethnal Green. Died 1947. Lived at 'Minossy' Street (maybe mispelt, but where is it?)
Rose Hickson1866Strayborn in Battersea
Nellie Hickson1867CensusStrayborn in Pimlico
Albert Hicksonca 1867Wales 5born in Cheshire, married Marie Butler. Son, Francis, born 1895, moved to London
Ella Higson1868Stray16 Alexandra Road, Hampstead
Henry Hicksonca 1868Kent 14St Pancras, wife Jane
Alfred Hickson1869Strayborn in Middlesex. Lodger in Fulham in 1881
Richard Hicksonca 1870London 14aEdmonton, wife Alice
Elizabeth Hickson1870StrayDeptford
Mr Hickson1870-1890SW31Kennington area. Children: William, George, Nellie, John Joseph and others
Frederick Higson1872Strayborn in Manchester, was in Kensington for 1881 census
Tom, William and other siblings, Hicksonest 1872-1892Sussex 1Peckham
William (born 1882) married Kate
William Hickson1873Censusborn in London
George Hickson1874Strayborn in London
Alfred William and Benjamin Hickson1875 & 1893Kent 12from Battersea. Alfred married Elizabeth. Benjamin (who may have been called Ernest) married Beatrice Gale
James? William Hicksonca 1875London 9Hackney or Bethnal Green, married Lisa Austin
Wilfred Hickson1877StraySt John's Wood. Father's first initial was H
Mr Hicksonest 1877London 7Islington
Mr Hickson1878London 10Ealing. The family comes from Newark, Notts
James Albert Hicksonest 1880-1888Kent 15Bethnal Green. Wife Florence
Frederick Hicksonest 1880-1890Straydied before 1947
Alice Hicksonca 1882Straymarried, 1903 in Shoreditch
Henry Hicksonca 1882Straymarried, 1903 in Pancras
James Hicksonca 1882London 1a Tyne & Wear family
Samuel Hicksonca 1882Straymarried, 1903 in Woolwich
Charles Joseph Hicksonbefore 1885Bedford 2married Beatrice. The family originated in London, and moved to Luton
William George Hicksonca 1885London 3wife Henrietta Hall. Lived in Lambeth Walk, then Leroy Street (off Old Kent Road)
Mr Hicksonest 1886-1908Surrey 1Newington Butts, died before 1965
Joshua Hicksonca 1887Kent 5Stepney, wife Eliza
Mrs Sarah Hicksonca 1888SW6Mr Hickson was born and lived in Clerkenwell. He died ca 1953
Albert Edward Hickson1890Strayborn in Wandsworth
James Hickson1890Strayborn in Holborn
James Joseph Hicksonbefore 1892London 4Greenwich, married Lily Roseina McCartney
Alice Hicksonca 1892Kentmarried James Webb, 1913, in Lewisham
Edward Hickson1895Surrey 2born in Bow, married Gertrude Cowen. He died 1960
Tom Hicksonca 1899Staffs 6Lived in London, died ca 1979. Family came from Milton Keynes area
Clara, Alice & Louise Hicksonca 1900London 44siblings, Wandsworth
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