Hickson Genealogy

Descendants of Richard Sessions Hickson

It has come to light that Richard Sessions Hickson was not the father of Reuben Hickson mentioned below.

Richard Sessions Hickson married Sarah Strong Bostwick and had two children & James Harvey & Eliza Elmira.

Richard Sessions Hickson

The Hicksons may have been a slave owning family in South Carolina such that the name adopted by slaves is more prolific than with other family members

Reuben Hickson

Reuben moved into Sumpter District SC from Williamsburg District SC around 1820

He died 1830 in Sumpter District, SC.

Mary (Polly) Allen

This was Richard's first marriage, possibly in Williamsburg, SC

She died 1820-1825

Jannet (Jane) B Hickson

She was born 26 September 1804 and died 11 September 1877

John Cole, Jr

He was born 11 October 1797 in Sumpter Co., South Carolina and died 9 October 1866

He lived in the Lynches Creek Sumpter District, South Carolina

Harriet Sarah Cole

She was born 26 September 1812 in Sumpter Co., South Carolina

She was blind

Thomas J Hickson

Is his full name Thomas Jefferson Hickson? Here is a section from his unprobated will that lists the names of his children. Sumter District S. C. Probate bundle 122 Package 14 "Item 1st I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Hickson all my estate both real and personal for her use and benefit during her natural lifetime in widowhood and at her death or marriage for my said estate to be equally divided amongst my five children viz: Mary Elizabeth, Wm, Lewis Thomas, Henry, and Alexander to share and share alike. But in the event of the death of my said children before attaining to the age of twenty-one years, leaving no heirs then their portions of my said estate to be equally divided amongst my said surviving children. But if either of my said children shall marry or attain to the age of twenty-one year then they are to receive their portion of my said estate."

Martha Cole

She was born 1823

John Cole

He was born 1826

Margaret Cole

She was born 1833

Thomas Cole

He was born 1836

William H Cole

He was born 1838

Mary I Cole

She was born 1840

Samuel R Cole

He was born 1842

Frances E Cole

She was born 1844

Julia C Cole

She was born 16 January 1847 in Sumpter Co., South Carolina and died 29 April 1936

Eliza and John Hickson

They both lived in Alabama

William J Hickson

He was born ca 1836 in Alabama and died 26 September 1886 in Kerrville, Texas

William & Mary married ca 6 September 1860

Mary Wiley

She was born 1844/5 in Louisiana and died ca 1900

She remarried (to James M Flowers) on 22 December 1889 in Kerr Co., Texas. When did William die?

Sarah Ellen Hickson

She was born 21 January 1867 in Blanco Co., Texas and married 23 November 1882 in Kerrville

Isaac Nathaniel Hollet

Born, 1860, Isaac had left home at the age of 16, but was 22 when they married

Clara Frances Hollett

Born in Texas, she died as an infant

William Fletcher Hollett

He was known as Fletcher

Born 1886 in Texas, he married in 1955 and died in 1963

Earl Hollett

Born in 1888 between Texas and Colorado, he died 1928 in a Sawmill Accident

They had 3 children

Ada Hollett

Born in 1892 in Norwood, Colorado, he died 1975

Edwin Brasfield

He died before 2001

Lois Brasfield

She was born in 1918

Maude Lois Hollett

She was born 1893 in Norwood, Colorado and died, unmarried, in 1974

Oscar Everett Hollett

He was born 1895 in Norwood, Colorado and died in 1968

When they married, Bessie already had three children. Oscar & Bessie had a further three

Nellie Irene Hollett

She died as an infant

Emma Jennie Hollett

Born 1898, she died in the 1980s

George Franklin Hollett

Born 1901, he died in 1957

Purdy Nathaniel Hollett

Stillborn in 1905

Don Borcherdt


J Hickson Hollett

Born 1909, he died in the 1970s

Clara Louisa Hickson

She was born 9 March 1872 in Hunt, Kerr County, Texas where she married on 15 December 1887

She died 2 Aug 1923 in Ft Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas

Amanda Alice Hickson

Was born 1975 in Kerrville, Kerr Co, Texas. She married 4 Oct 1888 in Kerr Co. Texas and died ca 1964

She lived in Alabama

Aletha (Lettie) Hickson

Was born 17 Nov 1876 in Kerrvile, Kerr Co. Texas. She married 13 Dec 1893 in Kerr Co. Texas and died 25 Oct 1895 in Devine, Medina Co. Texas

She died about 10 days after the birth of a child which also died

Charles R Cude

He was born Nov 1863 in Gonzales, Gonzales Co. Texas and died 21 June 1914 in San Antonia, Bexar Co. Texas

Adelia (Delia) Amanda Hickson

She was born 2 May 1879 and married 23 Dec 1896 in Kerr Co. Texas

Lewis Pinkney Hickson

Born 2 March 1844 in Lowndes County, Alabama, he married in Texas

Alfred Adolphus Hickson

Born 9 Dec 1877 in Johnson City, Blanco COunty, Texas, he married 18 Jan 1883 in Jones County, Texas

Charles Lee Hickson

Born 6 Dec 1911 in Paducah, Cottle County, Texas, he married in Orange County, Texas

Charles Edward Hickson

He was born in 1900


They married in 1827

Ester and John Cole (Reuben's son-in-law), husband of Jennet B Hickson, were the executors of Reuben's estate

Selina E Hickson

She was born 1827

Richard Furman Hickson

He was born 1828 and died in Sumpter County ca July 1859

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