Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of New Hampshire, USA

Can anyone help me link these together?

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  1. Robert Hickson, born 1702 in Epping, New Hampshire, married Phebe Chapman
  2. Harold Hixon, born 14 MAR 1884 in New Hampshire, died MAR 1970 in New Hampshire
  3. Lillian Hickson, born 16 SEP 1889 in Indiana, died NOV 1968 in New Hampshire
  4. Henry Higson, born 14 JUN 1897 in New Hampshire, died JAN 1985 in the United Kingdom
  5. Edwin L Hixson, born 29 JUN 1903, died 19 OCT 1996 in Hancock, New Hampshire. He spent much of his life in Walpole
  6. Anne Hixon, born 8 SEP 1914 in New Hampshire, died SEP 1983 in Florida
  7. Ethel Hixson, born 11 OCT 1916 in Massachusetts, died 11 JUL 1996 in New Hampshire
  8. Virginia Hickson, born 15 JUN 1925 in New Jersey, died OCT 1984

Can anyone help me join the above, some of whom have been collected from Social Security files, into families?

I have details of many more families who have lived in New Hampshire, but whose ancestors have been traced to other places, so they have not been included here