Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of Nebraska, USA

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  1. William Hickson married Clarana 1869 in Iowa. The probate of Clarana's first husband says that Clarana & William removed to ... Nebraska
  2. Eva Hickson, born 9 OCT 1874 in Nebraska, died OCT 1966 in Nebraska
  3. Emma Hixson, born 20 MAY 1881 in Nebraska, died DEC 1972 in Nebraska
  4. Harvey Hixson, born 14 MAY 1886 in Nebraska, died JUL 1974 in Nebraska
  5. Faie Hixson, born 18 MAY 1888 in Nebraska, died MAR 1982 in Nebraska
  6. Chloe Hixson, born 14 JUN 1889 in Nebraska, died OCT 1977
  7. Eston Hixon, born 18 JUL 1889 in Nebraska, died OCT 1963
  8. Hannah Hixson, born 30 MAR 1890 in Nebraska, died JAN 1974 in Nebraska
  9. Claude Hixson, born 10 JUL 1890 in Nebraska, died OCT 1978 in Nebraska
  10. Maude Hickson, born 17 JAN 1892 in Nebraska, died SEP 1976 in Nebraska
  11. Faye Hixson, born 29 SEP 1893 in Nebraska, died MAY 1977 in Nebraska
  12. Louis Hickson, born 17 JAN 1895 in Nebraska, died JUL 1980 in Nebraska
  13. Marie Hickson, born 13 DEC 1896 in Nebraska, died NOV 1979 in Arizona
  14. Glenna Hixson, born 2 OCT 1900 in Nebraska, died APR 1967 in Nebraska
  15. Carl Hixson, born 10 SEP 1901 in Nebraska, died NOV 1969 in Nebraska
  16. Sanford Hickson, born 12 DEC 1902 in Nebraska, died JUL 1970 in Nebraska
  17. Clyde Hickson, born 24 FEB 1906 in Nebraska, died JAN 1969 in Nebraska
  18. Claude Hixon, born 8 MAR 1906 in Nebraska, died JUN 1987 in Nebraska
  19. Clifford Hixson, born 21 FEB 1907 in Nebraska, died APR 1960
  20. Virginia Hickson, born 12 AUG 1907 in Nebraska, died AUG 1989 in Nebraska
  21. Douglas Hickson, born 24 MAR 1908 in Nebraska, died AUG 1982 in California
  22. Floyd Hixson, born 28 NOV 1908 in Nebraska, died 28 MAY 1992 in Oregon
  23. Gladys Hixon, born 11 SEP 1909 in Nebraska, died JUN 1981 in Nebraska
  24. Harold Hixson, born 8 NOV 1909 in Nebraska, died 8 JUN 1991 in California
  25. Elizabeth Hickson, born 19 NOV 1910 in Nebraska, died NOV 1980 in Nebraska
  26. Clifford Hixson, born 18 MAR 1911 in Nebraska, died 5 FEB 1989 in Nebraska
  27. Emilie Hixson, born 27 APR 1911 in Iowa, died 9 JUL 1994 in Nebraska
  28. Anna Laura Hickson, born 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska, died 14 FEB 1998 in Jerome, Idaho. She married Mr Stultz
  29. Catherine Hixon, born 20 OCT 1914 in Nebraska, died OCT 1973
  30. Guy Hixon, born 4 JUN 1915 in Nebraska, died 25 FEB 1990 in Nebraska
  31. Harriett Hickson, born 14 JUL 1919 in Nebraska, died 23 APR 1996 in Nebraska
  32. Clarence Hixon, born 25 APR 1920 in Pennsylvania, died 2 OCT 1992 in Nebraska
  33. Bettie Hixon, born 7 JAN 1923 in Nebraska, died JAN 1986 in Nebraska
  34. Harry Hixson, born 28 JUN 1923 in Nebraska, died 20 FEB 1988 in Nebraska
  35. Vera Hickson, born 17 JAN 1927 in Minnesota, died FEB 1977
  36. Bobbie Hixson, born 12 MAY 1928 in Nebraska, died SEP 1985 in Nebraska

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From Box Butte County Marriage Books A through D, as indexed by Cynthia Monroe. Contributed to the USGenWeb Nebraska Archives December, 1997, by Liz Lee.

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This index includes the name of each groom, the name of each bride, the maiden name of the bride when known, and the surname of the bride if previously married. Each marriage has at least two entries, alphabetical by all brides and grooms. If this is a second marriage for the bride, her name has been entered under her maiden name, if known, and her first married name.

If there was any doubt about the spelling of the name, it can be found in more than one place for the various possibilities. If it could not be determined for a correct probable spelling there is a question mark noted in the record. As in all records there may be errors, some on the part of the compiler of this index or some on the part of the clerk at the time of the entry. However every effort has been made to prevent this.

The last column in the index is the letter of the marriage book, the year of the document and the license or page number.

The marriage records themselves include the names of the bridge, groom, parents of the bride and groom, which includes the maiden name of the mothers, place of birth, place of residence at the time of marriage. Further they indicate the date of application, date of marriage, names of witnesses to the marriage, place of marriage and name of the party who performed the marriage. There are some documents that have no marriage certificate, however they have been included in this index.

Cynthia E Shay (Payne) Monroe PO Box 94842 Lincoln, Ne 68509

Hixon, Mamie E.             St. Clair, Joseph W.        A-1891-221