Hickson Genealogy

Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of Kentucky, USA

Can anyone help me link these together?

Note many dates are approximate - ask me for more information

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  1. Vivian Hickson married Johnny Blankneship. They were both buried in Knox County. Can anyone give me any dates?
  2. Nancy Hickson or Hixson or Hexson, born 12 Sept 1795 in Virginia, died 22 Sept 1863 in Knox Co, Kentucky
  3. Wesley Hickson, born ca 1799 in Kentucky, died 1881 in Allen Co, Kansas. He married Margaret Moore;
  4. and his brother, Milton Hickson, born ca 1806 who married Hannah
  5. Anna Hickson, born 1802 in Kentucky married Charles Montilion Walker 1821
  6. Amanda E Hickson, born 10 SEP 1841 in Kentucky, died 20 AUG 1904 in Floyd County, Indiana
  7. Emery Hixon, born 5 APR 1885, died JAN 1967 in Scott
  8. George Hixson, born 3 APR 1891, died JAN 1968 in Fayette
  9. Elmer Hixon, born 8 JUL 1892, died NOV 1971 in Calloway
  10. Hershel Hixson, born 22 NOV 1896 in Oklahoma, died OCT 1983 in Green
  11. Fred Hixon, born 14 AUG 1901, died JUL 1969 in Graves
  12. Hazel Hixon, born 8 FEB 1902 in Kentucky, died JUL 1983 in Ohio

Can anyone help me join the above, some of whom have been collected from Social Security files, into families?

I have details of many more families who have lived in Kentucky, but whose ancestors have been traced to other places, so they have not been included here