The Hughs Cemetery

Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Barry and Glenda Schroeder
May 4, 2003

Hughs (Spelling used at the cemetery) Cemetery is located on private property, Bledsoe County, Tennessee between Dunlap, Sequatchie County, Tennessee and Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Hughs Cemetery is about an acre in size with a fence that is around the perimiter.

We have done our best to record the names and dates of the individuals that are buried in this cemetery as they appeared on their markers but mistakes can be made. If there needs to be a correction or an addition of someone we might have left out, please e-mail us, and we will be happy to make the addition or corrections. Thank you.

h/o = husband of : w/o = wife of : s/o = son of : d/o = daughter of : dm/w = double marker with

These individuals listed below who have been added came from the WPA list but there are no markers in Hughs Cemetery marking their graves as of May 2003. I can not prove or disprove who is buried in the Hughes Cemetery if there were no markers for their graves, this is why they are listed on the cemetery list at the bottom. Please obtain your own documentation.

George Sprouse, Jr, writes that these Hixson are not buried in Hughes Cemetery in Bledsoe Co.
There are 4 unmarked graves, 2 are children of his great uncle Neal Hughes, 1 child of his great uncle Jesse Hughes and the 1 that is the farthest north is said to be a Holland who was in transit.

All died in the 1800's and the markers may have been gone for years. The Hughes Cemetery is about an acre in size but the only marked graves are up in a corner, there are at least traces of 38 (we counted) unmarked graves in this cemetery.