Hickson Genealogy

Cemetery Transcriptions

Hixson Cemetery, Manassas, U.S.A.

established 1798

submitted by Emily Hixson

George Washington Hixson Cemetery Lot, Manassas, Virginia

Emily's Source: Paul J. Arrington, a descendant of GWH., 1970.

Copied from sketch made by PJA.

  1. George Washington Hixson, b 4-15-1836; d 2-18-1925
  2. Mary Harriet Hickerson Hixson , b May 6, 1844; d Apr 14, 1911 (wife of Geo.W. Hixson)
  3. Willie Hixson, d. Nov. 27, 1879 age 1 yr 10 mo., (son of Geo. W. Hixson)
  4. Priscilla Woodyard Hixson, b Nov. 14, 1797; d. Oct. 25, 1880 (Mother of George W. Hixson)
  5. Mary Ann Hickerson, b May 1816; d May 4, 1890 (Wife of Eld. John M. Hickerson)
  6. Catherine Hickerson Francis, died Dec. 25, 1915 in her 68th year. ( Wife of Wm. H. Francis; sister of Mary H. Hickerson Hixson)
  7. William H. Francis, died Apr 6, 1904, age 53 yrs.
  8. Susan Ann Butler; d Sept. 18, 1881, age 72. (Sister of Priscilla Woodyard Hixson who was the mother of George W. Hixson.)
  9. Charles E. Butler, d. Jan 2, 1884, aged 48 years. (Cousin of George W. Hixson; son of Susan Ann Butler). Never married.
  10. Nannie, daughter of William and Margaret Lipscomb Hixson, b ca 1859; no date for death. but believed to have died soon after the close of the Civil War . Nannie was a niece of Geo. W. Hixson, and a young daughter of his brother, WILLLIAM JAMES HIXSON. Not only did Wm. bury Nannie, but his wife Margaret L. Hixson, and two other children, John, and Louisa M. Hixson who d after 1860 when she was 12 years old. Wm. James left Virginia and later married secondly Anna TERRY in Missouri. (These two are Ray Hixson's paternal grandparents.)

NOTE: JOHN HIXSON, b July 18, 1790, Pr.Wm.Co. VA. Served in the VA Mil. As a Pvt. In War of 1812, Capt. Thos. Ragsdale’s Co. Source: Index to War of 1812, Pension Files, Vol. 11 g-m transcribed by V.D. White. He was also called “Jonathan”.He d. 25 Oct. 1880 and is believed buried in the old HIXSON CEMETERY in Manassas, VA.which opened in 1798. John Hixson was the husband of Priscilla Woodyard who d. June 20, 1820. It was his son Geo. W. Hixson who opened the Manassas Cemetery soon after the close of the Civil War, and who presented it to the town of Manassas.