Hickson Genealogy

Heads of HICKSON families found in the District of Columbia, USA

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  1. Mrs Mary Ann Hickson died before 4 Jan 1966 (Washington, date of Obituary)
  2. Dorothy Hickson, born 1888 in DC, died 1977 in Florida
  3. Eugene Hickson, born 1892 in DC, died 1966 in Virginia
  4. Bessie Hixson, born 1893 in DC, died 1977 in Maryland
  5. Mrs Bleka Hickson, nee Lindsay, born 1894 in Rock Hill, SC, died 1973 in North Carolina. Can anyone tell me anymore about her husband?
  6. Grace Hixson, born 1896 in DC, died 1985 in Virginia
  7. Charles Hixon, born 1897, died 1982
  8. Lenel Hickson, Sr, died before 27 Mar 1996 (Washington, date of Obituary)
  9. Eular Hickson, born 1898 in DC, died 1976 in Massachusetts
  10. William Hickson, born 1899 in DC, died 1984 in Florida
  11. Ellen Hixon, born 1900 in DC, died 1980 in Pennsylvania
  12. Florence Hickson, born 1901 in DC, died 1986 in Florida
  13. Harold Hixson, born 1901 in DC, died 1975 in Maryland
  14. Clayton Hixson, born 1902 in DC, died 1987 in Ohio