Hickson Genealogy

HICKSONs found in the State of Arizona, USA

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  1. Effie Hixson, born 1885, died 1973 (Pima)
  2. Bernard Hixson, born 1887, died 1963
  3. Daniel Hixson, born 1890 in Ohio, died 1984 (Yavapai)
  4. Byron Hixon, born 1896, died 1973 in California
  5. Marie Hickson, born 1896 in Nebraska, died 1979
  6. Emily Hixon, born 1897 in New York, died 1981
  7. Mabel Hickson, born 1899, died 1989
  8. Allie Hixson, born 1900 in Ohio, died 1986
  9. Bernice Hixson, born 1900, died 1986
  10. Ephraim or Ephriam Hixson, born 1902 in South Dakota, died 1995
  11. Harrison Hixon, born 1902, died 1982 in California
  12. Donald Hixon, born 1903 in Ohio, died 1974
  13. Emma Myrtle Hickson, born 1905, died 1999 in Phoenix