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Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of Arkansas, USA

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  1. Thomas Hixon an old Kentuckian "Clay Whig" lived in Arkansas and was a great enthusiast over the journal "the Maysville Eagle" (Kentucky), a fact that made him the butt of much laughter. (1828/30) [Godspeed Publishing Company, 1889]
  2. William C Hixson in 1849 purchased as 200 acre farm from Elisha Kirklen. However he moved his family to Paris, Arkansas just before the Civil War. In 1864 he was hanged by bushwhackers. [John Wilson]
  3. Napoleon Hickson, born 1874, died 1971, West Helena
  4. Blanche Hixson, born 1882 in Illinois, died 1970, Garland
  5. Ida Hixson, born 1885, died 1981, Franklin
  6. Flora Hixson, born 1890, died 1972, Paris, Logan
  7. Effie Hixon, born 1891 in Texas, died 1968, Clark
  8. William Hickson, born 1892 in Arkansas, died 1969 in Missouri
  9. Dane Hixson, born 1893, died 1974, Logan
  10. Henrietta Hixon, born 1897 in Arkansas, died 1975 in Indiana
  11. Andrew Hickson, born 1900 in Tennessee, died 1977, Jefferson
  12. Reba Hickson, born 1901 in Tennessee, died 1977 in Arkansas
  13. Edna Hixson, born 1903, died 1985, Crawford
  14. Alva Hixon, born 1903, died 1976, Faulkner
  15. Dentise Hixson, born 1904, died 1993, Jefferson
  16. Donny Ray Hixson, born 1936, died 1997. His Hixson ancestry is thought to come from Arkansas area and to have migrated to Texas Oklahoma area.

Records from: Union Co., Ark. Partial Marriage Listing

These records provided by Ley O'Connor, with our deepest gratitude!

NOTE FROM LEY: Their Index encompasses everything from late 1800's to 1992. It's too hard to weed the more current ones out from the old ones when typing. At page 879 of the index it is only up to P's so this is a huge index. (Paraphrased from Ley's note!)

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Union County Marriage Records - Grooms


I have details of many more families who have lived in Arkansas, but whose ancestors have been traced to other places, so they have not been included here