Hickson Genealogy

Some brief details of people called Hickson

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Aaron Hickson, born 1903, died 1967. South Carolina
Aaron Higson, born 1827 in Newton, Lancashire
Aaron Higson, born 1838 in Rumworth, Lancashire
Aaron Higson, born 1838 in Hindley, Lancashire
Aaron Higson, born 1853 in Skelmanthorpe, Lancashire
Aaron Higson, born 1855 in Lowton, Lancashire
Aaron Hixon. Indiana
Aaron Hixson, born 1822 in Pennsyvania
Abner Hickson, born 1800s. Pennsyvania
George Abner Hickson, born 1851. Lancashire
Abner Hixson. Slave owner. 1854. Loudoun County, Virginia
Abner Hixson, born 1865/75. Hamilton County
Abner Hixson, born 1865/84. Georgia
Adelia Amanda Hickson, born 1879, married Charles Secrest in Texas
Laura Adelia Hixson, born 1897, died 1974. Ohio
Adelia Higson, born 1843, died 1897. Margate, Kent
Albert E Hickson, known as Al was born 1876, died 1958. Ohio
Alison or Allison
Mr Allison Hickson was born 1600. Co Durham
Mr Allison Hickson, born 1903, died 1981. South Carolina
Mr Allison LeRoy Hixson. Illinois. probably ca 1900
Almeda Hickson, born 1833, married Jerome Wilder Ward
Almeda Hixson, born 1887, died 1973. New York
Alta Hickson, daughter of Lonnie Samual Hickson. Probably born ca 1900. Alabama
Alta May Hickson, born 20 December 1891 in New Mexico
Ambrose Hixson was buried 1781 in Warwick
Ambrose Hickson was baptised 1713 in Shropshire
Ambrose Hickson was baptised 1863 in Manchester Cathedral
James Ambrose Hickson, born 1867, died 1869. Hatfield
Angeline Lorena Hixson, born 1852, married Wills Stevens 1869 in Indiana
Angeline Hickson, born 1856, married Gaines S Wall in 1880. South Carolina
Aphrah Welsman Hickson, born 1867, died 1869
Aphrah Harriet Hickson, born 1874 in Stepney, died 1967
Violet Aphrah Hickson, born 1902 in London, died nearly 100 years later (2002) in Saskatchewan, Canada
Archibald or Archie
Archibald Hixon was baptised in 1762 in Northumberland
Archibald Hickison married Margaret Connoly in 1785 in Argyll, Scotland
George Archibald Erskine Hickson was born in 1854 in Fermoyle. He died in 1921
Archie Hixson, born 1880, died 1969. Ohio
Archie Hickson, born 1884, died 1965. Ohio
Archibald George Hickson was born ca 1885. He was buried in Buckinghamshire
Archie Hixson, born 1891 in Missouri, died 1966 in Iowa
Archie Herbert Hixson/Hixon was born 1897, died 1982. Kansas
Archie Hixson, born 1898 in Ohio, died 1967 in Missouri
Archie Hixon, born 1900 in Louisiana, died 1981 in Ohio
John Arnold Einem Hickson, born 1864 in Highgate, died ca 1941
Edward Arnold Hickson, born 1885, died 1950. Canada
Arnold Gordon Hickson, born ca 1890. New Zealand
Arnold Seymour Hickson, born 1894. Australia
Robert Arnold Hickson, born 1901, died 1953. Rochdale
Bartholomew Hixen was born mid 1500s. Nottinhamshire & Yorkshire
Bartholomew Hixon married Eliz Vix 1590 in Cornwall
Bartholomew Huson married Mary Lansdal 1612 in Langar
Bartholomew Hickson married Sisley Greene 1635 in Barkston, Leicestershire
Julian Barton Hixson was the son of Timothy & Leah Hixson. Timothy died ca 1850. Fulton Co, USA
Julia Mehitable Ann Barton Hixon was born 1825
Walda BartonBradford Hixon, born 1842, died 1879
Lena Barton Hixon was born in 1866. Massachusetts
Robert Rowan Barton Hickson, born 1903, died 1994. New South Wales
Bonnie Hixon, born 1888, died 1979. Indiana
Bonnie Hickson was born 1899, died 1980 in Georgia
Callie M Hickson, probaby born between 1864 & 1893. Virgnia, USA
Callie Hixson was born 1898, died 1979 in Mississippi
Cornelia Hixon, born 1822 in Greene, Tennessee
Cornelia Hixon was born 1889, died 1966 both in Georgia
Cornelia Hickson was born 1892, died 1987 both in Texas
Cornelius Hickson, born 1782. Lichfield
Cornelius Higson, born 1879 in Rumworth
Cotoy Hixon, born 1744. Blackrod
Cotoy Hickson, born 1747. Blackrod
William Donald Hickson, born 1894 in Tytherington. Lived in Hurdsfield
Donald Hickson, born 1895 in Macclesfield
Donald Hixon, born 1903 in Ohio, died 1974 in Arizona
Eda Hixson, born ca 1830. Long Savannah, Tennessee
Eda Hickson, married Isaac Brinkley in 1886 in Dallas County, Texas
Ellis Hickson, born 1743. Aldbrough, near Hull, Yorkshire
George Ellis Hickson, born 1893 in Crewe
Elvin Hixon, born 1887 & died 1969 in Michigan
Elvin D Hickson was born 1893 in Oregon
Emerich or Emerick
John Emerick Hickson was born 1864 in Dudley and died 1955 in Bournemouth
Emerich Hickson was born 1874 in Abbots Bromley
Emmeline Hickson was born 1863 in Barnton, Cheshire and died 1949 in Crumpsall
Edith Emmeline Hickson was born 1874 in New South Wales and died 1957
Francisca Hicson was born 1621. Rearsby
Francisca Hicson was born 1625. Rearsby
Francisca Hickson was born 1832. Durham
Wade Hampton Hickson was born ca 1876. His infant son was called Louie Hampton Hickson, born 1901, died 1902
Hampton Hickson was born 1897, died 1976 in South Carolina
Harley Hickson was born 1892, died 1976 in Texas
Harley Hixson was born 1895, died 1992 in Missouri
Harley S Hixon was born 1897, died 1920 in Lawrence Co., Indiana
Hettie Hickson was born about 1900. Macclesfield
Hettie Hixson was born 1892, died 1986 in Missouri
Andrew Hilton Hickson was born in the late 1800s. Ontario, Canada
Hilton Staveley Hickson was born 1870 in Ellerslie near Maryborough Old, Queensland, Australia. He died in 1942
Hilton Hixon was born 1888, died 1968 in New York
Homer Hixon was born in the 1860s or early 1870s. Greene, Tennessee
Homer Hickson was born 1883, died 1967 in New York
Homer Hixon was born 1890, died 1984 in Colorado
Humphrey Hickson was baptised 1592 in Walbrook, London
Humphrey Hixon was the son of Thomas S Hixon and Margaret Manley of Greenwich
Hy C Hickson was found in New Zealand. No dates
Jas Hy Higson was born 1858 in Accrington, Lancashire
William Hy Higson was born 1877 in Atherton, Lancashire
Thos Hy Higson was born 1880 in Haslingden
Jarrard Higson was baptised 1770 in Over Hulton
Jarrardus Gulielmus Hickson was baptised 1829 in Durham
Thomas Jefferson Hixson was born about the 1850s. Tennessee
Jefferson Hickson was born 1895 in Illinois, died 1969 in Mississippi
Jerome Hickson was born late 1800s. Hamilton, Tennessee
Jerome Bissell Hickson was born about 1900. An Irish Hickson
Harry Jerome Hixson was born about 1900 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Lena Barton Hixon was born 1866. Massachusetts
Lena Hickson was born 1885 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Levinia S Hixon was born 1846. Massachsetts
Levinia Hickson was born 1872 in Liverpool, Lancashire
see also Lavinia
Lincoln Hickson was born 1862 in Oregon
Joseph Lincoln Hickson was born 1862 in Sabula, Jackson, Iowa
Lionel Henry Hickson was born 1877 in Hampstead
George Lionel O'Hara Hickson was born 1887 in Tralee, Co Kerry, he died 1946 in New Zealand
Magdelen Hixon was baptised 1588 in Goulceby, Lincolnshire
Magdelene Hickson was baptised 1659 Alberbury, Shropshire
Marey Hickeson was baptised in 1665 in Essendon, Hertfordshire
Marey Hickson was baptised in 1671 in Conningsby, Lincolnshire
Milton Hixson was born between 1829 & 1854. Georgia / Ohio
Milton Hickson was born 1902 in Illinois
Monica Hickson was born 1893 in Walsall, Staffordshire
Monica Hickson was born about 1900. She married Teddy Whitehouse
Moriah Higson was born 1877 in Briercliffe, Lancashire
Moria Hickson died 1997 in Ocala, Florida
Myrtle Hixon died in 1914, from the Wabash Valley Tribune
Myrtle Hickson was born 1888 in Indiana, died 1977 in Mississippi
Sarah Maria Norris Hickson was born 1860, married 1881, died 1896. Co Kerry, Ireland
Norris Hickson was born 1897, died 1987 in Texas
Pauline Isabel Hickson was born 1859, died 1865 in Melbourne, Australia
Pauline Hixson married Reichert. Pennsylvania
Pierce Hickson or Higson married Rachel Burrows 1863 in Manchester Cathedral
Pierce Hickson married unknown 1869 in Manchester - I wonder if these are the same people
Rosalie Miriam Brooke Hickson was born 1863 in Waitahunga, Otago, New Zealand
Sally Mae Rosalie Hixon was probaly born 1870-1880. Mangham, Alabama
Rowland Hixon was born 1580. Prescot, Lancashire
Rowland Hickson was born 1898 in West Macclesfield. He died 1979
Sabina Hickson was baptised 1749 in London
Dora Alma Sabina Hickson was baptised 1872 in Compton, near Guildford, Surrey
Robert Stuart Beaumont Hickson-Mahony was born 1883. Commissioner Tanganyika
Stuart Hickson was born 1902 in California. He died 1990
Terrance or Terrence
Terrance Hickson was born 1777, died 1828 in Newcastle under Lyne
Terrence Hickson was born 1871 in Hartlepool West
Constance Julia Theodora Brooke Hickson was born 1874. Sussex, England and New Zealand
Theodora Hickson was born between 1844 & 1851. Blennerville, Co Kerry, Ireland
Vincent Hickson was born 1898, died 1981 in California
Leo Vincent Hickson was born ca 1900. Probably Suffolk
Watter Hickson was born 1686. Lived in Newborough, Staffordshire
Watter Hickson was born 1871 in Battersea
Webster Hickson was born 1880, died 1971. Ontario, Canada
Birtch Webster Hixson was born 1881 in Lawrence County, Indiana
Richard Welbourn Hickson was born 1840 in Hougham, Lincolnshire, died 1881.
Welbourn Cecil Hickson was born 1879 in Hougham, Lincolnshire, died 1928
Woodford Hickson was baptised 1738 in Coventry, Warwickshire
Woodford Hickson married Mary An Riley 1772 in London
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