Hickson Genealogy


Are those who are highlighted part of the same family? Furthermore, are Lois Socket and Lois Lockett the same person, slight error of spelling? The 1851 Census shows Thomas Hickson, a Wesleyan Preacher, married to Ann, with two daughters, Lois J and Sarah. Other records show that there were also three other children, Thomas, James and Joseph.

Is Ann, Thomas' second wife? Was his first wife Lois Socket (or Lockett)? - this record came from the IGI. There is a marriage licence for the marriage of Thomas Hickson of Wolsingham to Lois Lockett of Macclesfield in 1825 in Prestbury.
Is Thomas (born ca 1788) the same person as Thomas, born 19th September 1787 in Davenham, Cheshire, to John Hickson (of Leftwich) and Sarah Harrison?

If you can add any more or fit these into larger families please let me know. Equally if you would like more information please contact me.

Dates are approximate dates of birth (or marriage)

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