Hickson Genealogy

Edward Hickson born between 1772 and 1861 that I can't match up

  1. married 1808 Mary Greaves in Sheffield (IGI)
  2. married 1824 Harriet Worth in Wakefield. Did he subsequently marry Anabella (born 1816) and move to Belton, Lincolnshire? (Stray)
  3. a tailor, married Eliza, Milton Gravesend, Kent - son EWJH (Stray)
  4. married 1828 Sarah Beale, London (IGI)
  5. Edward Staveley Hickson, son of John & Elizabeth - No trace of him in the censuses - did he die young? (Staveley)
  6. a tailor, married Sarah. Manchester - only found in the 1861 census (1861census)
  7. a shoemaker, married Elizabeth. born Lambeth - only found in the 1851 census (London49)
  8. Edward Willihams Hickson, son of Thomas & Sarah. Padiham, Lancashire (IGI)
  9. son of Thomas & Elizabeth. South Kirkby, Yorkshire (Notts 102)
  10. a shoemaker, born in Wigton, Cumberland - only found in the 1871 & 1881 censuses - where was he prior to that? (Stray)
  11. son of William & Elizabeth Ann. Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire (Surrey 7)
  12. Edward William John Hickson - see 1807 - unable to find him anywhere in the census records under various variations of the surname (Stray)
  13. son of David & Mary - this family doesn't appear in the Census Records - Why not? (IGI)
  14. son of George & Sophia, born in Brompton, Middlesex, living in Westminster in 1851. He is in the 1851 census and then seems to disappear altogether from the censuses. I can't find any of his family after 1851 (IGI)
  15. born in Aspull, Lancashire according to LancsBMD - Who is he? The birth certificate should help (Stray)
  16. born in Worsley, Lancashire, a labourer in 1871 - no trace of him found in other census records, even under variations of the surname (Stray)
  17. a Mineral Water Manufacturer, he was born in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire and married Eliza ca 1880. (Found in the 1891 & 1901 censuses) Could he be the same person as Edward S P Hickson? (Y35)
  18. born 1851 in Liverpool, son of John & Ann. There seems to be no trace of this family in the 1861 census under any similar spelling of the name Hickson born in Liverpool or anywhere nearby. What happened to him? (Liverpool51)
  19. Edward S P Hickson, born 1851 in Greasley, Nottinghamshire, son of Thomas & Martha Ellen. I can find no trace of him in later censuses even under spelling variations of the name Hickson (1861census)
  20. There is a plaque in Abbots Bromley Church for him. He had a son born in 1889 in Abbots Bromley called Robert. Could this be really George Hickson, born ca 1838? (Midland 7)
  21. baptised 25th February 1859 Chatham, Kent, son of Thomas & Eliza. He was a Private in the Royal Marines. I can't find him in any of the censuses from 1861 onwards. (twin? Stray)
  22. Edward S Hickson, born 1861 in West Sculcoates, Hull. Found on the YorksBMD site. The birth certificate should help. (YorksBMD)
  23. Owned 2 acres, 3R 15P in Thornton, Bradford, Yorkshire, value £7/12/- in 1873 (LandOwner)
  24. Owned 3A 2R 30P in Mouchalsed, Maidstone, Hertfordshire, rental value £11/17/- in 1873. This is a Land/Property record for Hertfordshire - why is the address shown as Maidstone? - perhaps he had a property in Kent. (This family moved to Kent from Hertfordshire, it is known) (LandOwner)
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