Hickson Genealogy


Hicksons with some connection to Scotland:

Some of the dates of birth are approximate

  1. Agnes Hickson, born between 1852 and 1856 in probably Islington or Liverpool married Joseph Johnson
  2. Agnes J J Hickson, born 1872 in Scotland, daughter of Malcom & Mary Hickson
  3. Alfred Hickson, born 1867 in Lincoln to Frederick & Ellen, married Alice of Lincoln
  4. Ann Hickson, born 1828 in Scotland to William & Betsey
  5. Barbara Hickson, born 27 Dec 1828 in Ireland to John Richard Hickson and Barbara Mahony, married James Paterson Bower
  6. Betsey Hickson, born 1834 in Scotland to William & Betsey Hickson
  7. Edward Hickson, born between 1761-1781, brother of Thomas, married and had three children
  8. Elizabeth Hickson, born 1810 married John Shaw in 1846 in Edinburgh
  9. Elizabeth Hepburn Hickson, born 1835 married William Cullen King
  10. Ellen Hickson, born 1867 in Scotland married William Hickson of Sale, Cheshire. They lived in Stretford, Lancashire
  11. Francis Hickson, born 1811 in Scotland, was living in Stewart Street, Liverpool in 1841
  12. Frederick Hickson, born 1838 in Langton by Wragby, Lincolnshire, to George & Mary Hickson, married Ellen.
  13. Henry Hickson, born 1831, married Mary Gunning. They lived in Glasgow
  14. James Hickson, born 1694, was the son of John Hickson. He was baptised in Tannadice, Angus
  15. James Hickson, born 1795, married Jean Thomson. They lived in Inveresk, Midlothian
  16. James Hickson, born 1863 in Ballantrae, Ayr, Scotland
  17. James Hickson, born 1880 in Everton, Liverpool, had a son, George, who was born in West Derby, Lancashire
  18. Jean Hickson, born 1732, was the daughter of John Hickson and Ann Skelltoun
  19. Jessie Sharp Hickson, born 1857, had a sister, Kate Bronn Hickson who was two years older, (see below)
  20. John Hickson died 1842 in Wigtown, Galloway
  21. John M Hickson, born 1877 in Scotland, the son of Malcolm and Mary E Hickson
  22. Jonathan Hickson, born 1806, married Elisabeth Grieve in 1827 in South Leith, Midlothian
  23. Kate Bronn Hickson, born 1855 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland, Married Montgomery Lang
  24. Malcolm Hickson, born 1838 in Scotland, married Mary E
  25. Malcolm Hickson, born 1875 in Scotland, the son of Malcolm and Mary E Hickson
  26. Margaret Hickson, baptised 1828 in Inveresk, Midlothian, was the daughter of James Hickson and Jean Thomson
  27. Margaret J Hickson, born 1848, the daughter of William G & Ann Hickson, lived in Govan, Lanarkshire
  28. Maggie Hickson was born 1864 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
  29. Marrion Hickson, born 1765, married Neil Mackay on 1st January 1786 in Killarrow, Argyll
  30. Mary Hickson, born 1770, married Donald Maceachern on 7th March 1791 in Killarrow or Bowmore, Argyll
  31. Mary Hickson, born 1830 in Scotland to William & Betsey Hickson
  32. Mary Ann Hickson, born 28 SEP 1864 in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland to Henry Hickson and Mary Gunning
  33. Mary W Hickson, born 1879 in Scotland, was the daughter of Malcolm and Mary E Hickson
  34. Robert Hickson was born 1847 in Edinburgh, Mlot, Scotland
  35. Robert Hickson was born 1866 in Canonbie, Dumfries, Scotland
  36. Samuel Arthur Hickson, born 1 JUL 1901, the son of Samuel Arthur Hickson and Ellen Gee, married Ellen Jones. He was thought to have lived in Scotland for some time.
  37. Thomas Hickson, born about 1887 in Scotland? He was the son of Thomas Hickson and Mary Anne Cowan. He married Mary Ellen Burns.
  38. William Hickson, born ca 1700 in Of Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland, married Marion Dunlop ca 1731, in Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland
  39. William Hickson, born 24 May 1732 in Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland to William Hickson and Marion Dunlop
  40. William Hickson, born 1806 in Scotland, married Betsey
  41. William G Hickson, born 1819 in England, married Ann and they lived in Govan
  42. unknown Hickson, born about 1885, married Alice

There were also people in Scotland with the surname spelt HIXSON, HIXON, HIGSON and other variations

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