Hickson Genealogy


Hickson families found in Aspull, Lancashire:

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(Dates are approximate birth dates for the first person mentioned)

1815: Mary Higson married Jonathan Thomason 1835 in Bolton le Moors

1816: Peter Higson married Ellen and they had : Martin, 1848 ; Martha E, 1858; John, 1860; Mary Jane, 1861; Peter, 1862

1848: Martin Higson had a son called Peter in 1874

1822: Thomas Higson married Sarah and they had : Catherine, 1855; Thomas, 1859; John, 1861; Sarah Ann, 1866; Mary Ellen, 1868; and one of their children had a daughter called Edith in 1873

1859: Thomas Higson had a daughter called Amelia in 1880

1840: Eliza Higson, daughter of Jane Higson and, maybe, James Alker, married twice. In 1863 to Enoch Williams, and in 1872 to William Marsh

1851: Benjamine Hickson was born in West Bromwich (see 1901 census)

1854: Mary Hickson was born in Cosley, Staffordshire (see 1901 census)

1889: Walter Hickson was born in Wigan (see 1901 census)

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