Hickson Genealogy


Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Shropshire, England.

NameYear of birthReferenceComments
William Hicson/Hixon/Hicksonearly 1500sStrayWhitchurch. Admin to widow Joan in 1584/5
Thomas Hicksonest 1518Salop 1Whitchurch. Son, George moved to London
Elizabeth Hixenca 1567IGI-Addend6husband John Jennins, son William bapt 1599/1600 in Ludlow
Elizabeth Higsonest 1570-1626StrayWill: 1645 - Beyhead in Craven (where is this? Craven Arms, Shropshire or somewhere else?)
Walteri Hicksonca 1581IGI-FHC18son Richardus bapt 1613/4 in Alderbury
Rowland Hicksinsca 1583IGI-Marr10married Katherin Roberts 1604 in Oswestry
John Hicksonca 1585IGI-FHC11married Margaret Leigh 1606 in Shrewsbury
Thomas Hicksonca 1602/13RAH-72daughter Elizabeth was baptised 1635 in Whitchurch
Margeriae Hicksonca 1607IGI-Paren12husband Thomae David, daughter Maria bapt 1640 in Alberbury
William Hicksonca 1609IGI SalopBaptism of Elizabeth & Robert in Whitchurch, 1634 & 1636
Richard Hicksonca 1610Salop 2died in Kennington, Surrey - perhaps an Uncle to the next entry
Hickson family, Mary, Peter, Elizabeth, Robert & Richardca 1625Salop 2from Northwood, parish of Wem
Andrew Hicksonca 1626IGI-FHC14daughter Magdelene bapt 1659 in Albery
Peter Hicksonca 1633IGI-FHC12wife Elizabeth, son John bapt 1666 in Wem
Peter Hicksonca 1640/49Salop 3from Northwood, parish of Wem
Thomas Hickson, Snrca 1650#1Thomas lived in Hertfordshire;
Parents thought to come from Staffordshire
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1654RAH-66married Samuel WIlkinson 1674/5 in Whitchurch or Wem
Robert Hicksonca 1657IGI SalopBaptism of Thomas 1690 in Whitchurch
Robert Hixson or Hicksonca 1659IGI-Marr9amarried Margret Simson 1680 in Whitchurch
Robert Hixonca 1665IGI SalopWife, Mary; Baptism of daughter, Mary 1697/8 in Preston Gubbals
Thomas Hicksonca 1673IGI-FHC6daughter Elizabeth bapt 1706/7 in Whitchurch
Thomas Hicksonca 1681RAH-70children baptised in Whitchurch, 1706-1714
Joseph Hicksonca 1694IGI-FHC5baptism of 3 children in Cheswardine
Isaac Hicksonca 1699IGI-FHC9of Worcester, he married Abigail Roberts and they had a son Joseph bapt 1727/8 in Wellington
James Hicksonca 1726IGI-FHC122 sons bapt 1751 & 1753 in High Ercall
Sarah Hicksonca 1729IGI-Marr10married John Agelington 1750 in Wellington
Richard Hicksonca 1730IGI-Marr9amarried Esther Stockall 1751 in Quatford
Richard Hicksonca 1734IGI-Marr9amarried Mary Hewitt 1755 in Whitchurch
Thomas Hixonca 1735IGI-FHC19wife Elizabeth, son Roger bapt 1768 in Lilleshall
William Hicksonca 1748IGI-Marr12married Margaret Davies 1769 in Adderley
George Hicksonca 1753IGI-FHC8married Abigail Jones 1774 in Shifnal
Sarah Hicksonca 1756IGI-FHC20daughter Sarah bapt 1789 in Lilleshall
William Hicksonca 1757IGI-FHC12married Sarah Hillear 1778 in Shifnal
Samuel Hicksonca 1761IGI-FHC17wife Elizabeth Burgess, son Peter bapt 1794 in Deuxhill and Glazeley
William Hicksonca 1761IGI-FHC12married Jane York 1782 in Worcester
first son John was bapt 1783 in Ludlow
George Hicksonca 1772IGI-FHC8married Mary Adams 1793 in Dawley Magna
John Hicksonca 1774IGI-Marr6married Elizabeth Tart 1795 in Stottesden and Farlow
John Hicksonca 1775IGI-FHC13wife Elizabeth, 3 children bapt 1800-1805 in Deuxhill and Glazeley
George Hicksonca 1777Cheshire 1.
John Hicksonca 1778IGI-FHC24wife Elizabeth, son William bapt 1811 in Ditton Priors
George Hicksonca 1781IGI-FHC8married Sarah Murhall 1802 in Whitchurch
Mary Hicksonca 1783IGI-Marr8married John Lloyd 1804 in Shifnal
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1784IGI-Marr3married John Parbut 1805 in Shifnal
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1784IGI-Marr3married William Wilkinson 1805 in Madeley
Fanny Hicksonca 1790IGI-FHC8married Thomas Mallinux/Molineaux 1811 in Wrockwardine
Samuel Hicksonca 1795IGI-FHC19married Frances Holmes 1816 in Wem
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1805IGI-Marr4married Joseph Wellings 1826 in Aston Botterell
George Hicksonca 1805IGI-Marr4married Jane Thomas 1826 in Ellesmere
Robert Hicksonca 1805IGI-FHC19wife Margaret, 2 sons bapt 1830 & 1832 in Saint Alkmund
John Hicksonca 1806IGI-Marr6married Martha Duckett 1827 in Saint Martins
Charles Kickson1806.wife Lilian Clarke of Shropshire
he was born in Middle..., H???
Ann Hicksonca 1807IGI-Parent1husband George Rogers, 3 children bapt 1832-36 in Bomer Hill
Betty Higson18091881 Censusdaughter Ann Higson born 1830 in Oswestry
Elizabeth Hickson1816Census1881 census, alone
Hickson1817.wife Ann, He died before 1881
John Hicksonca 1822IGI-FHC18wife Mary, son Richard John was bapt 1855 in Saint Alkmund, Shrewsbury
John Hickson1824.wife Mary, born 1820 in Wembrhe was born in Wiltshire, they lived in Shrewsbury
John Hicksonca 1825IGI-FHC8wife Harriet, daughter Fanny Louisa bapt 1858 in Market Drayton
John W Hickson18311881 Censuswife Maria, daughter Emma S. Lived in West Felton
John Higson18441881 Censuswife Jane who was born in Ludlow. He was born in Worsley, Lancashire
Thomas Hickson1850/60Cheshire 5son Joseph lived at The Barge Hotel, Shrewsbury
Thomas was buried in Davenham churchyard, Cheshire
Christopher Higson18541881 censuswife Emma was born in Bucknall
Thomas Hicksonest 1864/96Salop 5from Co Carlow/Co Mayo, Ireland, then Dublin
William Hickson1891-1898Y8a Prison Warder born in Market Harborough
2 of his children went to live in Telford

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.