Hickson Genealogy

Hicksons in Middlesex

Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Middlesex, England.

The various locations in Middlesex where Hicksons have been found

You could also have a look at Deptford

NameYear of birthReferenceComments

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

Walter Hixonca 1550StrayWill 1604, St Martin in the Fields, left all to wife, Eve
Martin Hicksonca 1600StrayWill 1658, Wapping, a mariner
James Hickson1607Leicester 4Brewer of South Mimms
John Hixson1637-1678StrayWill 1696, Stepney, Shadwell, a mariner
Charles Hicksonca 1645StrayWill 1695, Shadwell, a mariner
Elizabeth Hixonca 1650StrayBurial 1705, Isleworth
Thomas Hickson, Snrca 1650#1Caddington, Markyate, Kent, London, Northampton & Bradford
Matthew Hicksonca 1714FHC17Family mainly in Lincolnshire
Sarah Hicksonca 1727FHC20married Robert Tucker in 1748 in Westminster
Thomas Hicksonest 1729SW10Married Mary Shiel. Irish family moved to London
James Hickson1754Lancs 43Liverpool. Married Margaret Rigby. Some descendants found in Middlesex
James Hicksonca 1776FHC7daughter-in-law born in Westminster
William Hicksonca 1785Harris 1Enfield
Joseph Hicksonca 1790Essex 6married Amelia
Samuel Hicksonca 1792London 24Gentleman of Loman Street or Pond, Southwark
Richard Hicksonca 1793SW19Leicestershire family
Thomas Hicksonca 1795FHC22married Alice
Mrs Amelia Hickson1803StrayPensioner in St Mary's le Grand
Mary Hickson1804Straytransported to Australia in 1827, married William Burton 1831 in Launceston
Thomas Hickson1804SW5a Baker, married Ann Moore
Henry Hicksonca 1805FHC17Seaman of Kent, married Susannah
Mary A Higson1806CensusSt James, London; married Turner
James Hicksonca 1806FHC13His family moved to Islington
Joseph Hickson1809StraySeaman, born in Hull
Mary Hickson1810Strayborn in Enfield, in workhouse in 1881
George Hickson1811L6Saddler of Lincoln. Daughter born in Bromley, Middlesex
Thomas Hickson1811StrayMariner from Wisbeach. Granddaughter born in Bow
Ellen Hickson1813Strayborn in St Martin's
George Hickson1813Strayborn in Spitalfields. Silk Dyer
William Hicksonca 1813Surrey 4of Westminster, wife Amelia
Charles Hickson1814FHC4born in Warwickshire, living in Paddington in 1881
Elizabeth Hickson1814Strayborn in Enfield, Laundress
Mary Hickson1814Strayborn in Enfield, moved to Norfolk
William Hickson1814Censusborn in Limehouse, died in Kent
Mrs Mary A Hicksonca 1814Census of Bethnal Green
Matthew Hickson1820Censusborn in Lincoln, moved to Westminster, married Charlotte
Mrs Elizabeth Hicksonca 1822CensusLived in Hackney
Robert Hickson1825Censusa Bookmaker, living in Islington
Elizabeth Hitson1826Censusdaughter of Thomas Clark & Mary
Thomas Hickson1826Fhc1a Gardener of Shoreditch, born in Enfield
Charles Hickson1827Strayborn in London, Warehouseman, maybe a ship's master in 1864
Mrs Sarah Higson1827Censusborn in Brompton, Stationer
Lucy Hickson1828Straya Nurse in Paddington, born in Ireland
John G & Anne M Hicksonca 1829Censussiblings born in Holborn
William Henry Hickson1829Parent5Silk Dyer of Shoreditch, wife Jane
John Hickson1830Strayborn in St Pancras, married Mary A
John Tully Hickson1830Censusborn in Islington, moved to Lancashire
William G Hickson1830Strayborn in Ireland, a clerk in Westminster
George Hickson1830-1832Berkshire 6married Ellen Allcock. Descendants moved to Middlesex
Edward Hickson1831Strayborn in London
John Godfrey Hickson1831IGIborn in Ireland, moved to Marylebone and married Anne Martin
William Hickson1832CensusStrayborn in St Pancras, Commercial Traveller
John Higson1834Strayborn London, married Jane (of Ireland)
Samuel Hickson1834Strayborn in Stratford on Avon, Convicted felon in Pentonville
Thomas Hickson1835StrayGunner RMA, born in Heston or Isleworth
Alfred Hickson1836Strayborn in London. Journeyman
William Hickson1836Strayborn in Preston, Lancashire. Wheelwright. He married Sarah
Elizabeth Hickson1837Strayborn in Warwickshire. Matron in Islington
Henry Hicksonca 1837FHC22married Sophia. Holborn
Thomas B Higson1838Straya merchant, born in Manchester. Married Adilla D of London
Frederick Hickson1839Strayborn in Warwickshire. Married Jane. Lived in St George..., Middlesex.Army pensioner
Walter Hickson1839FHC4born in St Pancras, married Emma
George William Hickson1840CensusBorn in Blisworth. Daughter born in London
Richard Hickson1841London 14Born London, married Mary, moved to Waltham Holy Cross
George James Hicksonca 1841FHC8First son, Thomas Henry born in Islington
Benjamin Hickson1842London 7House Painter, Born St Pancras, married Susanna
John Hicksonca 1842Fhc1Lived in Clapham Common
Charlotte Hickson1844StrayHospital Nurse, Mile End
Mrs Alice Hicksonca 1844Censushad daughters Rose & Edith
Mrs Mary Hickson1845CensusPaddington.Mother of ELiza & Robert
Harry Hickson1846Strayborn in Boston, Domestic Coachman in St Marylebone
Mrs Eliza Ann Hickson1846CensusLived in SOuth Mimms with 4 children
Mrs Matilda Hicksonca 1846CensusCharwoman of St Pancras
Charles Hickson1847StrayBookseller. Born London, married Martha. Died 1881 in Surrey, but formerly of Newcastle under Lyme
William George Hicksonca 1848FHC9married in 1865 in St Marylebone
Edmund Hickson1849StrayPaymaster, Royal Navy
James Hickson1850CensusBorn in Shoreditch, married Sarah, moved to Bethnal Green
Jessie Hickson1850Straymarried in Edmonton
Samuel Hickson1850CensusBorn in Warwickshire. Fruiterer of Islington, married Elleen
Charles G Hickson1851Censusof Chelsea. Married Fanny of Paddington
John Higson1851Censusborn in Swinton, Lancsashire. Married Alice of Buckingham. Lived in Islington
Charles W Hickson1852CensusBorn in Islington. Married Hariett
George Hickson1853CensusBorn in Aldgate, married Annie
Lucy Hickson1854Censusborn in Homerton. She had a sister who married Francis Ablet
Henry Hickson1855Censusmarried Fanny of Mile End
William H Hickson1855Strayborn London, Curate
William Hickson1855CensusJoiner, born in Pimlico, married Helen. Moved to Leeds
John Hickson1857Strayborn in Ireland. Police Constable in Paddington
John Thomas Higson1857CensusLathrender. Born in Lancashire. Moved to Hillingdon, London and married Eliz Louisa
Walter Hickson1857Census Shoreditch
Ellen M Higson1858StrayBorn in St Albans. Servant in Kensington in 1881
James Hickson1858Strayborn in Ireland. Police Constable in Poplar
Annie Hickson1859Strayborn in Pimlico
Henry Hickson1859StrayBorn in Westminster, married Bessie
Elizabeth Hickson1861StrayBorn in Hampstead. Mother of William Henry Hickson in Poplar
What a strange situation, Elizabeth was a Domestic Servant (inmate), yet she was the Head of the household!
Alfred Hickson1862Strayborn in St Pancras. Coml Clerk
William Hickson1862Censusof Bethnal Green, married Sarah
Alice Maud Hickson1866Censusborn in Middlesex, other siblings born in Woolston, Hampshire
Nellie Hickson1867CensusStrayborn in Pimlico. Niece of William Dewey
Blanche E Hickson1868Straya boarder in Tottenham
Ella Higson1868StrayLived in Hampstead
Mary Ann Hickson1868StrayBorn in Battersea
Mary Ann Hickson1868StrayBorn in Greenwich, Cook in a large household in Greenwich
Alfred Hickson1869StrayBorn in Middlesex
Elizabeth Hickson1870StrayBorn in Deptford. Cousin to James Folkman
Frederick Higson1872StrayScholar in Kensington
William Hickson1873StrayBorn in London
George Hickson1874StrayBorn in Aldershot, Lodger in Hackney
Clara, Alice & Louise Hicksonca 1900London 443 sisters from Hillingdon
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