Hickson Genealogy


Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Kent, England.

The various locations in Kent where Hicksons have been found

NameApproximate year of birthReferenceComments

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

William de Hustedonca 1040StaffsHixonThe name Hixson seems to be taken from the Old English, Hyht's Dunn, which means hill. The spelling of the name changes as the generations progress. The oldest known ancestor of this line was William De Hustedon born in England about 1040 and died there in 1105. He is recorded in the Domesday book in 1086 and lived in Staffordshire, England.
Thomas Hicksonabout 1544-1622Straya Mariner, probate 1643
George Hixson1551IGI-MARR4married Elizabeth Dodge in 1572 in Maidstone
Bennet Hickson1552IGI-Parent1son, Bennet, baptised in 1595 in Sandwich
Thomas Higgesonabout 1558-1636Strayof Lyd; wife Joane
George Hickson1565IGI-Fhc1of London, his family moved to Greenwich (Kent) - see grandchildren born between 1620 & 1630
Anthony Hixson1578IGI-MARR2married Agnes Olyver in 1599 in Sandwich
Margaret Hixon1578Marr7married Richard Lilborne in 1599 in Eltham
Thomas Hicksonne1587IGI-Fhc25daughter, Mary, baptised 1620 in Greenwich
John Hicksonca 1587IGI-FHC11of Greenwich, a stray from the IGI
Margaret Hickson1596fhc14married Richard Brenchley in 1617 in Canterbury
William Hicksonabout 1596-1675Straylived in Deptford; Will made 1695
Christopher Hickson1605IGI-FHC2married Anne Clarke in 1626 in Broadstairs (Thanet)
Steven Hickson1609married ElizabethHernehill; wife Elizabeth
Mary Hickson1612Benton 1married Abraham Cruttenden in 1630 in Hawkhurst
William Hicksonca 1614SW19-Isolatmarried Jenny? Edlington in 1635 in Beckingham
Ann Hicksonn1617Marr1married John Hamon in 1637/8 in Sandwich
Mrs Sarah Hixson1617IGIShe married, secondly, Bartholomew Fatly or Ratly in 1638 in Sandwich
Alexander Hixon1619IGI-Fhc1married Ann Wiles in 1640 in Greenwich
Margaret Hixin1631fhc14married Hopkin David in 1652 in Greenwich
Anne Hixon1633marr1married John Budd in 1654 in Greenwich
Margery Hixsonne1638marr7married John Wild in 1658/9 in Broadstairs (Thanet)
Roger Hickson1644IGI-FHC21Dover; wife Sara
John Hickson1648IGI-FHC12married Elisabeth Osmer in 1669 in Rochester
Rebacka Hickson1649 Marr9amarried Richard Hattenden in 1670 in Canterbury
Thomas Hickson, Snrca 1650#1His descendants moved from Hertfordshire to Fairseat in Kent
George Hickson1655IGI-FHC6married Sarah Wincott in 1676 in Dover
John Hixson1662IGI-Paren10Rochester; wife Margaret
Elizabeth Hixon1672marr3married Richard Waits in 1690 in Stoke, Kent
Jacobi Hixon1678IGI-FHC12Saint Werburgh Hoo; married twice: (1) Elizabeth, (2) Mariae
James Hixon1681IGI-MARR5married Elezebeth Webbland in 1702 in Rochester
Thomas Hixton1682IGI-Paren19Strood, near Rochester; wife Mary
Thomas S Hixson1711Kentborn in Greenwich, he married ca 1732
William Hixon / Hixson1714fhc6Shorne, Kent; wife Catherine
William Hickson1727IGI-FHC26daughter, Mary baptised in 1760 in Gravesend
Thomas Hixsonca 1730FHC21of, or born in, Greenwich
Thomas S Hixson1732IGI-FHC21married ca 1732 in Kent; wife of Greenwich (Kent)
Joseph Hickson, Snr1735Kent 1married (1) Martha Hyland in 1756 in Kenardington
married (2) Mrs Martha Gurr nee Law in 1772 in Kingsnorth
John Hickson1749StrayFaversham; wife Elizabeth
William Hixon1753IGI-MARR12married Mary Hall in 1774 in Canterbury
Thomas Hickson1756StrayBuried at St John's, Margate 5th January 1798, aged 42
Sarah Hickstep1760marr12married Nicholas Finch in 1781 in Tenterden
Elizabeth Hickson1767Strayfrom Burham, she died in 1816
Elizabeth Hickson1768marr3married William Delver in 1789 in East Wickham
George Hixson1769StrayLabourer of Stone, near Dartford
Sarah Hickson1773Strayborn in Holborn, lived in Margate. Is this her married name?
Henry Hickson1780Straymarried Jane Ewers in 1801 in Erith
Henry Hickton1780Straya Hatter of Chatham; married Ann
William Hickson1780Straya Staymaker of Rochester; wife Sarah
Soloman Hickson1784StrayBurial: 1866 in Chatham
Samuel Hickson1784HPAustrali6with wife Ann and son Samuel, he moved from Kent to Australia
Henry Hixson1786StrayPostmaster in Dartford; married Ann
Samuel Hickson1787Straymarried Frances Jordan in 1817 in Rochester
James Hickson1789StrayBlacksmith of Chatham; married Ann
Joseph Hixon1791Kent 1bmarried Lucy Wood in 1822 in Boughton Aluph; was he the son of Joseph Hixon and Ruth Rikkon or possibly of Thomas Hickson & Ann Swaffer?- see Kent 1
Alice Hickson1792Kentmarried James Webb in 1813 in Lewisham
Richard Hickson1792IGI-Marr9amarried Peggy Jiscott in 1792 in Deptford
Joseph Hickson1794Kent 1cwife Mary; probably the son of Joseph Hixon and Ruth Rikkon - see Kent 1
James Hickson1794Straya Draper of Sheerness; married Ann
Lt. Richard Hickson1794StrayRoyal Marines; married Elizabeth
Thomas Hickson1794IGI-MARR11married Rachel Maid in 1815 in Strood near Rochester
Thomas Hickson1795StrayBlacksmith of Chalk. Son, John, became a Sawyer
Thomas Hickson1795fhc22of London, wife Alice
It needs proving that Thomas James Hickson (boot & shoemaker who moved to Hythe) is both (1) the son of Thomas & Alice and (2) the husband of Eliza Turner
Elisha Hickson1800IGI-MARR3married Elizabeth Wills in 1821 in Old Charlton
Ann Hicksonest 1800-1828StrayAnn & her child were placed in Medway Union Institute
Charles Hicksonest 1800-1876StrayWill: 1897 - Gentleman of Kent
William Huckstep1803 Strayborn in Ickham; with wife Jane moved to Ash (part of Ramsgate in Thanet)
Thomas Hickson1804SW5married Ann Moore in 1822 in Gravesend
William Hickson1804Straywife Mary Ann, son Henry baptised 20 Oct 1829 in Mersham
James Hickson1805IGI-FHC18Storekeeper of Orpington; wife Eleanor. He was born in Lancashire.
John Hixson1805IGI-Paren11Margate; wife Mary Beriton; son, Daniel born 1826
Henry Hickson1806Kent 22Pilot Waterman, married Susannah Harnett in 1825 in Frindsbury
Edward Hickson1807Straya Tailor of Milton near Gravesend; wife Eliza
Ellen Hickson1813 StrayHouse servant in Milton near Gravesend
Frederick Hickson1814StrayGroom. Daughter Eliza married in Chilham
William Hickson1814Strayborn in Limehouse, Middx; married Sarah Louisa; Occupation Dividends & Annuities, lived in Poplar, then St Lawrence, Ramsgate
Samuel Hickson1819StrayVictualler. Born in Chatham, married Mary
Harriet Hickson1822Strayborn in Chatham, moved to Norwich for 1851 census
Edward Hickson1823Kent 2He was born in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Some of his descendents moved to Kent in the 1950s
Amelia Jane Hickson1823Kentmarried William Thomas Butcher in 1844 in Strood near Rochester
Thomas Hickson1824Strayborn in Sheerness, Plumber in Ramsgate; he married Frances
William James Hixon1824IGI-FHC11married Jemima Smith Browning in 1845 in Deptford
Charles Hickson1827StrayWarehouseman in Lee, he married Jane
Charles Hickson1827Strayunmarried Ship's Master. Born in East Peckham
James Hickson1829IGI-FHC10married Georgina Laurimer and lived in Forest Hill
John Hickson1832London 2married Mary Ann Gollop in 1853 in Deptford
Mrs Eliza Hickson1833Kent 23Mr Hickson was a Waterman. They lived in Gillingham
Thomas Hickson1834StrayChatham; married Eliza
Harry Hickson1835Strayborn in Cheshire, an Agricultural labourer, he lodged in Newington, Kent
Henry Hickson1835Strayborn in East Peckham, he was Master of the Ship "William Stone", Port of Rochester
Sarah Hickson1835IGI-MARR10married Thomas Dickson Hudson in 1856 in Deptford
Thomas Hickson1838Censusborn in Buckinghamshire, he married Rebecca L. They farmed in Margate
Mary Ann Hickson1839marr8married Walter Cox in 1860 in Deptford
Thomas Hickson1840SW22Born in Banstead, Surrey, he was a Railway/Ticket Inspector, he married Eliza Day. Some children were born in Forest Hill
Thomas Hickson1840IGI-MARR11married Eliza Webb in 1861 in Deptford
Stephen Hickson1841StrayBlacksmith, born in Ramsgate
Adelia Higson1843StrayBurial: 13 March 1897, Margate
Mary Elizabeth Hixson1844marr9amarried George Edmead in 1865 in Deptford
Margaret Hickson1847Strayborn in the Isle of Wight, Servant in 1871 in Broadstairs
Adeline Hickson1848Stray"Nurse Child" in Dartford in 1851 (or could it be "Nancy's Child"?)
Martha Hixson1848Straymarried ca February 1869 in Medway, Kent
Hickson familyfather born about 1849Straysiblings: Florance (1874-), Alice (1876-) & Ernest (1879-) Inmates at the Dartford Union
Mary Ann Hickson1849IGImarried Walter Cox in 1860 in Deptford
Edward Hickson1850Kent 10born in Congleton, Cheshire, he married Agnes Annie Macfadze. His family moved south, eventually to Swanley
Mr Hicksonabout 1850-1873SW17Chatham. Cabinet Maker, married Margaret Taylor who died ca 1947
Caroline Hicksen1851Strayborn in Sussex, unmarried Cook to Caroline Crump in Lewisham
Richard Hickson1851StrayBorn in Deptford, married Eliza.
John Dood Hixon1852Straymarried Frances Moon in 1873 in Waltham Church
William Henry Hickson1854Kent 19Margate. Married Amelia Elizabeth Woodward
William Hickson1855CensusBorn in Sutton, Surrey, married Rachael and moved to Deptford
Lydia Hixson1856StrayBorn in London, she was a boarder in St Lawrence in 1861
Arthur Hicksonca 1857Kent 18married Dinah Slack; lived in Stoke on Trent, Staffs. Family moved to Kent about 1950
Rose Hickson1857StrayBorn in Birmingham, married Charles Gould and moved to Lewisham
Alice Hicksen1859StrayBorn in Hythe
Fred Hicksonca 1860Kent 11from Lyminge (near Folkestone)
Joseph Hickson1861Berkshire 5He was in the printing trade in the City of London and died in the 1930s. His family mainly moved to Berkshire & Kent
Rose Hickson1862Strayborn and died in Chatham, aged 2
Jane Hickson1864Strayborn in Margate
Mr Hicksonabout 1867 Staffs 3father of Frederick John Hickson (1900-1929) of Margate
Mary Ann Hickson1868Strayborn in Greenwich
Henry Hickson1868Kent 14 Wife, Jane; lived in St Pancras. Family moved to Kent about 1930
William Higson1870Straypupil at the "South Metrolpolitan Schools Board", Herne
Charles Brammer Hickson1872Y15son of John BRAMMER, he married Emma Jackson in 1898 in Manchester and died in Ramsgate
Douglas Hickson1873Kent 3He was an LMS Signalman living in Derbyshire. His son Stanley moved to Kent
Alfred William and his brother Benjamin Hickson1875 & 1893Kent 12Alfred was area manager of Coop Bus Co (wife Elizabeth). Benjamin married Beatrice Gale and lived in Folkestone
James Albert Hicksonabout 1880-1888Kent 15East London; wife Florence. Grandson moved to Kent
Alexander Hickson1885StraySergeant RM, married Clarissa
Joshua Hickson1887 Kent 5born in Stepney, he married Eliza
James Joseph HicksonBef 1892London 4Greenwich, married Lily Roseina McCartney
H C Hickson1880-1905StrayMr H C Hickson left Rochester for his new appointment as postmaster of Ingatestone, near Chelmsford, on Monday. Before his sermon on Sunday morning, the Rev W J Gray, RD, the Vicar of St Nicholas Church, Rochester (where Mr Hickson was People's Warden), referred to Mr Hickson's work and expressed his gratitude "for the services rendered in this old Church so devotedly, lovingly, and faithfully." - Chatham News 28 March 1930

Some of the Heads of families for Kent Hicksons

ReferenceNameApproximate year of birthComments

Sorted by my reference numbers

Kent 1 Joseph Hickson, Snr b.c.1735 married Martha Hyland
Kent 1bJoseph Hixonb.c.1791 or 1797married Lucy Wood
Kent 1cJoseph Hicksonb.c.1794married Mary
Kent 1dJoseph Hicksumb.c.1755married Martha
Kent 1eGeorge Hicksonb.c.1655married Sarah Wincott
Kent 1fRoger Hicksonb.c.1644married Sara
Kent 2 Edward Hicksonb.c.1823 in Tickhill, Yorkshire
Kent 3 Douglas Hicksonb.c. 1873family originates in Derbyshire
Kent 5 Joshua Hicksonb.c.1887 in Stepney
Kent 9 William George Hicksonb.c.1885married Henrietta Hall and had 21 or 22 children (I have met two of them). Lived in Lambeth Walk (then Leroy Street) off Old Kent Road, London
Kent 10Edward Hicksonborn 1850originates in Cheshire
Kent 11Fred Hicksonb.c.1860from Lyminge, near Folkestone, Kent
Kent 13Benjamin Hicksonb.1893 & brother Alfred William Hickson, b.c.1875moved from London (Battersea) to Dover
Kent 14Henry Hicksonb.1868of Mornington Crescent, London
Kent 15James Albert Hicksonb.c.1884East End of London
Kent 16Joseph Hicksonb.1861was in the Printing trade in the City of London. Lived off Edgeware Road
Kent 17"Mr Hickson"b.c.1877 of Kentbut a distant cousin lives in Sunderland, Newcastle
Kent 18Arthur Hicksonb.c.1857originates in Stoke on Trent
Kent 19William Henry Hicksonb.1854 in Birchington, Kent
Kent 20"Mr Hickson"b.c.1870 very mobile family, but appears to originate in the North of England (Yorkshire)
Kent 22Henry Hicksonb.1806 in Kent (maybe Upnor),married Susannah Harnett in 1825 in Frindsbury
Kent 23"Mr Hickson"b.c.1833married Eliza who was born in Gillingham, Kent
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