Hickson Genealogy

Hicksons in Essex

Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Essex, England.

The various locations in Essex where Hicksons have been found

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NameYear of birthReferenceComments
William Hixon est 1475-1574Straydied ca 1574; Brighlingsea
Dorothy Hixonbetween 1476 & 1486Addm1married John Brockett of Brocket Hall, Herts
Henry Hycksonca 1541FHC9of White Notley; married Margery Amyson
Esclarimonde Hikson & Thome Hixon1554, 1557FHC4both of Theydon Mount
Thomas Hicksonca 1568FHC19of Woodham Walter; married Anis Smith
Henry Hicksonca 1574FHC8of Great Burstead
Benjamin & Elizabeth Hicksonca 1581/2FHC3/6both of Roxwell
William Hicksonca 1584FHC6of Mistley
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Samuelus Hicsonca 1612Marr10married Anna Neale in Bocking
John Hicksonca 1616FHC11of Prittlewell
William Hicksonca 1621FHC2of Bradwell near the Sea
Fran Higsonca 1633Boydmarried 1654 Fran Higson in Burstead
William Hicksonca 1657Marr11married Elizabeth Edwick in Woodham Walter
Stephen Hicksonca 1668Straymarried Elizabeth Dangerfield in Waltham Abbey
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James Hicksonest 1740-1839Straydied 1839 in Witham
Sarah Hicksterca 1756Marr12married Samuel Westwood in Leigh on Sea
Henry Hicksonca 1768FHC22of Prittlewell
James Hicksonca 1788Marr5married Mary Tunnage in Colchester
Joseph Hicksonca 1790Essex 6married Amelia; a London family
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Ann Matilda Hicksonca 1800Ann6born in East Ham, married E.E.Martin
Thomas Hickson1804SW5a baker in Gravesend, Kent; married Ann Moore
Thomas Hickson1811CensusSeaborn in Wisbech; a family of Seamen
Richard Hickson1817Essex Censusborn in Hatfield Peverel
William Henry Higson1831/2CensusSaddler of Liverpool & Manchester; a daughter, Emily Jane, went to Essex
James Hickson1832Straya Gardener in Tillingham
Margaret Hickson1840Strayborn in Hatfield Peverill
Richard Hickson1841London 14of Waltham Holy Cross
Henry Hicksonca 1859Essex 7a bootmaker of London and later Southend
James Albert Hicksonest 1880-1888Kent 15Goat & Cart, Market Stalls; moved from Bethnal Green to Dagenham
H.C.Hicksonest 1880-1905Strayleft Rochester for appointment as postmaster of Ingatestone, near Chelmsford

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