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Hickson Peak is located at the head of the Bonnet Icefield, 3 km northeast of Pulsatilla Pass and 3 km southeast of Bonet Peak, Banff Park, Alberta, Canada

Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Canada.

Name Year of birth Reference Comments

These people have been sorted by their year of birth

Rev Christopher Hicksonbefore 1553Kerry1Eliza Hickson, ca 1837, Ontario.
Edward Spring Hickson & Richard emigrated about 1830 to Ontario & Quebec. They moved a lot.
Also Richard Lilliott, his father-in-law
Sarah Hickson17th cStrayburied, 1869, St John, NB
Thomas Hickson, Snrca 1650#1Henry Hickson, b.1846 died in Winnipeg
Robert Hickson1683Dingle"My youngest sister, Georgina Charlotte Hickson, was a very pretty girl. She left one daughter with five children, who are now ranching in Canada." RRPH, 1829
Edward Hickson1720NZ1James Moore Hickson, 1868 - Known as Healer Hickson, spent some time in Canada, but mostly Australia
John Hicksonabout 1723Cheshire 23Joseph, John & Bertha Stockton moved to Canada
Edward Hickson1725Kerry1his son, Edward Hickson, b.1771
The family trace of the Hickson's in Ireland is from the work of William Henry Hickson of Lynchburg, Virginia. He writes, ... "[The] fourth son, [my Great Grandfather] Edward, was born in 1771 and died in 1845. He was captain of the Laun Rangers in 1794 and fought under Wellington in the wars against Napoleon, in the Spanish peninsular and possibly other places. He lived at Milltown, about 14 miles from Tralee, and later in life moved to that place. "
His eldest son was Edward Spring Hickson (1800-1866) [who] was my Grandfather. My father [was] born at Quebec Apr. 23, 1846, died at Danville, Virginia 1916.
Edward Hickson, of Milltown and Tralee, born 1771, died 1845, married Rose, daughter of Edward Spring of Castlemaine. Through this marriage we are also descended from the Rev. Christopher Hickson. Edward Hickson and Rose Spring Hickson had five sons and two daughters.
The sons opened a timberyard in Tralee, but the three oldest sons soon left the timberyard to the two youngest sons and emigrated to Canada, probably about 1830. Richard, the second son, died at Quebec unmarried. John, the third son, went to New York city, married and had issue. William, the fourth son, apparently kept the lumberyard in Tralee, and died there in 1893. Robert, the fifth son went to Belfast and went into the shipping and ship-building business, which he later sold to Harland & Woolf, and moved to Birkenhead, England. There he went into the shipping business, trading with Australia and the East Indies. He died about 1870.
Thomas HicksonEst. 1729SW10Ernest Hickson b.c.1892 - married, he went to Canada before 1910/12. He might have returned later.
Emma Hickson1764IGI-Emma1Jack Mellor moved to Canada
Edward Patrick Hicksonlate 18th c.Perce 1Quebec
Thomas Hickson1771 KerryStray, Irishnative of Milltown, County Kerry, Ireland , Labourer of St John, NB
His brother Edward's family also emigrated to Canada
Abraham Hickson1781Y16, SW1Mrs Kenneth Hickson, bef 1913, BC
John Hicksonabout 1782Y3Harry Hickson b.1890, married in Canada
Robert Palmer Hickson1787Charles-USABorn in Co Kerry, died in Bathurst, New Brunswick
Agnes Hickson1788StrayNew Brunswick
Nicholas Hicksonca 1797Ed1Tree0756Catherine Hickson, b.1848 in Ontario
Joseph Hickson1798Vermontmoved to America from England (presumably Lincolnshire) He emigrated to Vermont and after the Rebellion, about 1838, went to Canada. After his marriage they settled on 200 acres of land on the outskirts of a small village called Wheatley which is now in Kent County but their land was just to the west in Essex County.
Joseph Hickson1798VermontHe was a farmer in Canada (Essex County)
Ann Matilda Hicksonabout 1800IGI-Ann6William Henry Elton Martin moved to Manitoba
Thomas Hickson1804SW5John Joseph Hickson, b.1873, died in Victoria, BC
Mabel Rose Hickson m. Gilbert Branscombe in Saskatchewan in 1911
George Hickson1804L13Three sons, John, Frederick & Herman, of Abraham Hickson, b.1833, moved to Canada
John Hicksonabout 1808IGI-Parent1his daughter, Hannah Hickson (Mrs Shaw), b.1833, born in Ontario and his other daughter, Esther Hickson, born 1836 in England, died 1898 in Ontario
George Hickson1811Censushis daughter, Sarah Hickson emigrated to Canada (Ontario/Alberta/BC) with five sons.
James Hickson1817Perce E1bEngland & Canada (Quebec) Married Bridget Kugan
Mary Hickson1820StraySt John, NB
Samuel Hickson1822Cheshire 7/11Joseph Robert Hickson, b.1874 went to Canada, died aged 20 odd
Charles Forester Hickson, b.1880, moved to Canada, died aged 20 odd
Gladys Hickson b.after 1891, m. James Howard
George Hickson1831L9Donald MacKay
William Hicksonca 1835Y24John William (Jack) Hickson, b.c.1864 - was he in the Mounted Canadian Police? Died in England
George Hicksonca 1845Tyne 1Patricia found in Saskatchewan & British Columbia
John (Jack) Henry Hicksonbetween 1855-1867Lancs 9Harriet Hickson, b.1876-1917, d.c.1957, emigrated to Canada in the 1930s
John Hickson1856PerceStrayborn in Quebec. Baptised 11 Sept 1856 at St Michael
Charles Edward HicksonEst 1859-1867Y57May Hickson, née Bramwell, b.1892
J C Hickson1861Australia 2Robert or J.C.Hickson went from Canada to Australia and became head distiller at the distillery of Millaquin and Yengarie Sugar Co. at Bundabery, Queensland.
Henry Day Hicksonabout 1861SW12Had relatives in Canada
brothers Samuel, Harry and William Hickson William, 1862 Charmaine Samuel and William lived in Ontario; Harry is thought to have inherited an Island (does anybody know any more?)
Alfred Hicksonca 1865Y12son Percy Hickson moved to Canada
Herbert Edward Hicksonabout 1868Canadaborn in London, Ontario
Robert Hicksonca 1870KerryStrayborn in the County of Kerry - married twice, and the male issue of both his family, with the exception of my (RTH's) father, migrated to the U.S.A. & Canada, & it is very likely that there were more Hicksons. They must have left Ireland in or about the first decade of the 19th century. When I (RTH) was a young lad in the early twenties some mail used to reach us irregularly, but eventually ceased.
Reference: R T Hickson
J W A Hickson1873StrayProfessor in Montreal. Left a gift to the Fraser-Hickson Library
Samuel Hicksonca 1877Lancs 37had a brother, unnamed, who went to Canada
Mary Hickson1880Staffsmarried John Page and lived in Ontario
Amasa Hixon1886US Soc Sec1b.1886 Illinios, d.1982 Canada
Elizabeth Hickson1887US Soc Sec6born in California, died 1973 in Canada
Arthur Owen Hickson after 1900StrayHe wrote in 1967: "I know very little about my ancestors but this may be interesting to you. Shortly after World War I an Australian Hickson called on my mother in Saint John, NB. He was a retired business man on a world tour and calling on Hicksons wherever he went. He said that the Hicksons were yeoman farmers in England who moved to Northern Ireland after that area was'pacified' by Cromwell. Early in the 19th century [how early I have forgotten], four Hickson brothers from Northern Ireland landed in New York; one remained in New York, two moved north to Canada, and the fourth returned to Ireland and then emigrated to Australia." Could he be related to Thomas Hickson (1771-1857) of New Brunswick?
Mabel Hicksonca 1900Y6As Mrs Hanson, she died in Canada
Robert John HicksonRJH 1910Canada 1His parents lived in Desoronto, Ontario
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