Dingle peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland


The only mention I have of Latteragh in my records is for John James Hickson (ca 1784-1839), the son of James Hickson and Mary O'Connell. He married Sarah Day in 1809 in Tralee.

He was an Attorney in Courts of Chancery & Exchequer, Law agent to the Ventry estate and senior partner of "Hickson & Stokes".

His address is shown as Hillville Lodge in Stradbally (which he inherited from his Uncle George Hickson) and Latteragh, Tralee.

Valerie Bary in her book, "Houses of Kerry" records this as a "Lost desmesne".

Michael O Ruairc in his book Dán is Céad ón Leitriúch tells where Leitriúch is. I don't have a translation of Leitriúch, but I am suggesting that it is Latteragh. It is comprised of the following civil parishes, Ballyduff, Stradbally, Kilgobbin and part of Annagh and the designation of Tralee would also be appropriate. It is north of An Daingean (Dingle) and east of Chnoc Bhréanainn (Mount Brandon) in Co. Kerry. It is a broad extensive place that stretches from the parish of Annagh (near enough to Tralee) to Sróin Bhroin (place in Teerbrin) that is more that 20 miles west of it. The parishes of Leitriúch are An Chlochán (Cloghane), An Baile Dubh (Ballyduff), An Sráid-Bhaile (Stradbally) Cill Éinne (Killiney), Cill Gobáin (Kilgobban) and Eanach (Annagh) part of. The better known places are Caisleán Ghriaire (Castlegregory), Na Machairí (The Maharees) and Clochán-Bréanainn (Cloghane). - Eibhlin Counihan.