Hickson Genealogy

Co Kerry, Ireland

Emlaghmore House, Prior, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry

I am unable to find any note of a Hickson living in Ballinskelligs in my records. Valerie Bary in "Houses of Kerry" states that George Hickson was living at Emlaghmore in 1841, but that the house soon fell into ruins. Nothing of it remains today.

Could this be the Rev George Hickson (1795-1876) who married Rebekah Charlotte Rowan Purdon? He was born in Ballintaggart and lived at Dromod and at Tralee.

Could this be George Hickson, the son of Richard Hickson and Martha McGhee? He died, unmarried, in 1895. He lived at Iveragh.

Could this be George Blake Hickson (1804-1873) who lived in Limerick & Dublin and was a Barrister-at-law in Dublin? His parents, Capt. Robert Hickson and Mary Blake. This seems unlikely.


The entrance was from a side road leading west from the Waterville - Ballinskelligs road, about 6 km from Ballinskelligs.


There is almost nothing recorded about Emlaghmore, except that it had a garden, stabling and some trees.